Nov 12 2014 Yuna and Travis-Prospect House- Princeton University-Princeton NJ

I posted a preview of this beautiful couple's event a few weeks ago. We began the day at the Westin in Princeton NJ. Yuna and Travis were married at the Prospect House on Princeton's campus. We had a gorgeous day with great people. It's an incredible venue and I hope to work there again soon!


Nov 6 2014 What's important to YOU?-Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I'm incredibly fortunate to shoot a ton of weddings. 45 so far this year, and another 7 to go. My students, and even some of my brides ask me "how do you stay motivated... what drives you to keep going?" it's a valid question given the fact that I've surpassed 900 weddings, and counting.... The truth is, I still get moved, and I'm still caught up emotionally in the events that unfold before me. I'm completely invested in finding those "hidden" moments for my clients to look back upon. It's these moments that help them recall something incredibly special that took place on their wedding day. I still get goosebumps on occasion, and it reminds me of why I do what I do.  
I spent 17 years as a photojournalist before I began shooting weddings. While I'm no longer really a photojournalist, the instincts to anticipate and react to moments are still in me, and I place it at the top of my priority list when photographing just about anything. My transition from photojournalist to wedding photographer wasn't as easy as some think. I had to learn SO many other facets of the craft besides just capturing moments and making things look visually interesting. I needed to learn how to make people look their best, how to make women and my couples look beautiful, how to solve problems, and also deal with adversity during a day that can be full of surprises. I shot, I learned, and I'm still learning, frankly. But, as my mother used to say, "you can take the boy out of the Bronx, but you can't take the Bronx out of the boy". You can take me out of photojournalism, but you can't take the photojournalist out of me.  
Here, below, is the lovely Ashley Cook and her father, Harry, at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia this past Saturday. There are only a few moments before she'll walk down the aisle with her dad. Ashley is a warm soul, and a beautifully emotive person. It was a privilege to work with her, Mark- her husband, and their families. For me, this is what I'll remember from this particular wedding, and I hope it's something her family will cherish.  
For you photographers out there, what is it that motivates YOU? Just curious. Feel free to leave comments, and I'll chime in as well.  
Nikon D4S, Nikkor 24-70 2.8 1/320th @ F2.8 ISO 5000


Nov 5 2014 Nikon Behind the Scenes Video #1-Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I've been a professional photographer now for 33 years. Yeah, it's a long time. Insert age joke here(I'm still kickin it out week after week). One of the things I'm most proud of in my career is my relationship with the Nikon corporation and my involvement with the Nikon Ambassador program. Recently, I had the honor of being featured by Nikon USA in their latest Nikon Behind the Scenes video series. This particular video deals with what ALL wedding photographers deal with.... shooting in harsh light. We can't choose the time of day, we often can't choose our locations. It's a very common thing for the portrait session to take place at 2 or 3pm in the summertime when the light is extremely unforgiving, and unflattering. I'm often asked by brides and photographers alike "how do you deal with this". 
This video will demonstrate a very simple way to turn "bad" light into "good" light. A HUGE thanks to fellow Nikon Ambassador Corey Rich and his team for the production of the series, and to my buddy, Mike Corrado for his levity and advice. I'd also like to give a shout to our models, Dean Gravinese, Sara LaPrincesa Viteri, and especially Veronica Lane who worked their butts off on these videos. Also, a huge thank you to B├ęke Beau for making the models look great, and for making me look, well, as good as I can look! I hope this video helps some people deal with this common issue!  
To future brides viewing this, it's important to understand what challenges your photographer will face, and then how those challenges will be overcome. There will be 4 more videos dealing with some common issues we face as wedding photographers released in the coming months. I hope they give you an idea of how I'd deal with them.  

Oct 23 2014 Chelsea and Ty-Hyatt at the Bellevue-Philadelphia Wedding Photography

Preview of Chelsea and Ty's wedding at the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. Looking forward to sharing more of this gorgeous couple.