Oct 23 2014 Chelsea and Ty-Hyatt at the Bellevue-Philadelphia Wedding Photography

Preview of Chelsea and Ty's wedding at the Hyatt at the Bellevue in Philadelphia. Looking forward to sharing more of this gorgeous couple.


Oct 20 2014 Alien Skin's Exposure 6 software Discount Code

Many people know that I have a tendency to shy away from heavily photoshopped, over processed images. This is completely true. I'm not a fan of going beyond what the image actually looked like. Sure, we'll tweak it here and there, retouch a few things, and even add a vignette to an image to bring the eye to the subject. Every once in a while, my studio manager, or I, will take a bit of creative license and enhance a portrait when it makes sense to do so.  
We've been using Alien Skin's Exposure 6 software for a while now, and we find it to be a tremendous complement to our workflow. It doesn't promise to "save" an image. I've been quoted as saying "there is no un-suck filter in photoshop". The same holds true or Alien Skin's exposure 6. It will empower you with the ability to creatively tweak an already good photograph by implementing your customized enhancement through a simple to use- STAND ALONE- interface. It's also one of the very best pieces of software for Black and White conversions as well.  
Through midnight on Halloween, you can receive 30% off on ANY of Alien Skin's products. Just click on the Alient Skin Software Link use promotion code CMP1410 to apply the discount.  
Below, you'll see an image I created a few weeks ago. It was a rather rainy day, and for a few moments, the sun broke through. Streaks of light gave the image a dreamy feel, and I was really pleased with what we were able to produce in such weather. With Exposure 6, we bumped up the contrast, and enhanced the streaks of light- but not in a way that looks un-natural.  
This image is BEFORE Exposure 6. A little contrast tweak, a slight clarity adjustment, and we enhanced the streaks of light slightly.

After applying Exposure 6-A little contrast tweak, a slight clarity adjustment, and we enhanced the streaks of light slightly.


Oct 14 2014 Yuna and Travis-Prospect House, Princeton University-Princeton NJ

There may not be a more beautiful place in New Jersey to shoot than the campus of Princeton University. Yuna and Travis were married at the Prospect House on Princeton's campus, and it's hard to describe how beautiful the day was. Here's a preview from their day, with many more to come soon!

Oct 2 2014 Elizabeth and Nicole-Onteora Mountain House-Hudson Valley Wedding

It was such an honor and a privilege to witness, and photograph this beautiful event. in the words of the father of the bride, it was a bi-racial, interfaith, same sex destination wedding. Just another day at the office.... :-) Elizabeth and Nicole held their wedding at the gorgeous Onteora Mountain House in Boiceville NY. Here's a few from their day.