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Jan 28 2015 Images that stand the test of time-Philadelphia Wedding Photography

Throughout our photographic careers, there are images we capture that remind us of why we’re photographers to begin with. I’m often asked what motivates me to continue shooting 50 weddings per year, and how I stay enthusiastic about making pictures. My answer is honest, and direct: I wake up in the morning, and I hope that sometime during the day, I’ll make a picture. I hope to make a picture that sends chills down my spine, and make a picture that means something to me. I hope it’s an image that impacts my client, of course, but I want it to impact me- as an artist and storyteller as well. Selfish? Perhaps, but it makes us work harder for our clients, as well.  
This image sent such chills down my spine, and still stays with me today. He was the father of the groom, patriarch of the family, officiant of the wedding, and a holocaust survivor. This image was captured during a groom’s Tisch- a pre ceremony where the groom’s male friends and family chant and sing in honor of the groom. It’s a very moving ceremony, and there are emotional moments to capture everywhere. Thirty minutes earlier, I was chatting with this man, and he was telling me a bit about his life. I was blown away with my brief encounter with him, and I’m always dumbfounded when I think about the perseverance and the indelible spirits of holocaust survivors in general.  
We were crammed into a dark conference room. There was an overhead can light hitting this man in a way that accentuated the lines on his face. It was as if the light accentuated all he’s been through in his life. The placement of that light seemed almost too perfect. The huge circles under his eyes symbolized cavernous pools of grief he overcame during his life as a survivor. It’s a very important image to me, personally. I recall the process vividly. I worked that moment furiously, shooting many, many frames until I felt as though I’d nailed the decisive moment- when his hand reached out for a loving member of his family who wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for his strength and resolve. 
Sometimes we make images that make people feel a certain way. Sometimes we make images that make US feel a certain way. This is one of those images, but I’m thrilled the byproduct was that it meant something for the client as well. I wanted to share this image, which was captured a few years ago, as we mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. Never forget.


Jan 4 2015 Jessica and Brandon-Washington DC wedding

While I may be based in the Philadelphia area, many of the weddings I shoot are outside of the Philly region. I love seeing new scenarios for the first time. There's a freshness that inspires me, and I truly enjoy shooting in new places I've never seen before. Sometimes a client will ask "have you shot there before?". Personally, I'd rather shoot someplace new than shoot someplace for the 50th time, because it's too easy to fall into a formulaic mindset when you're too familiar with a location. Here, in Washington DC, I had never shot wedding photos by the Lincoln Memorial, and I saw this scene as we were pulling away in the bus. I asked the driver to stop quickly, and we made this picture in about 2 minutes on the way back to the D.C. Hotel Monaco. Thanks, Jessica and Brandon, for bringing me down for your wedding, and for braving the chilly conditions. I had a blast! Special thanks to Rachael Fineberg from Mango Productions for all of her help with this event! 
Nikon D4S AF-S Nikkor 24-70 F2.8G


Dec 18 2014 Allison+John-Kimmel Center Wedding-Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Allison and John began the day at the Hyatt at the Bellevue. The wedding was held at The Kimmel Center which is truly a great venue for a wedding. Garces Catering provided their usual stellar food and service, and EBE's London Bridge provided the entertainment. Capping it off was Jamie Rothstein Floral with her gorgeous decor. Special thanks to my friend Scott Barnes for his coordination. It was great to work with him. Here's a few from their day!


Dec 4 2014 Nikon Behind the Scenes Video- More Light is NOT better light-Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

As a Nikon Ambassador, it was a great honor to take part in the second season of the Nikon Behind the Scenes series. The production days were long and rigorous, but I really believe we were able to come away with a series that contained terrific information to share with photographers- both professional and those who are aspiring to get better. For me, everything begins with light. It's the very definition of our craft. When I begin a wedding day, my goal is to capture the essence of my client, but I want to do so in the most organic process possible. By simply setting the stage for those moments to take place- then allowing those moments to unfold without staging the moments, I'm able to allow my brides and those around her to just be themselves and interact naturally.  
it's this approach that allows the moments to look real- because they ARE real. By creating an environment that has beautiful light, all of the moments that unfold before me have a "texture" to the light that adds drama and impact to the image. I'm incredibly grateful for the efforts of so many with this video. Corey Rich and his team, Mike Corrado from Nikon USA, our models Sara Viteri and Veronica Lane, and our make up artist Beke Beau all enabled me to fulfill my vision for this brief, but informative educational video. It's my favorite BTS series video I've done so far. I hope you enjoy it.