michael  In pic # six of the bride in the wheat field what kind of reflector are you using?  (6.20.2014, 1:55AM)
Pablo Eduardo Quiroga  Hello Cliff the composition of the images is very own of you, brilliant and although that the new machine of nikon has a superb detail occurs the printing me that the images are very focused, but superb, always itself your work  (4.30.2012, 9:59AM)
Kalirajan S  Awesome and I couldn't able believe my eyes. Am i seeing here something masterpiece? Amazingly Sharp enough.  (4.26.2012, 7:59AM)
Foster  Cliff, I enjoy your work. Also, for the folks who nitpick about processing, well that makes the work more individual if you ask me. I am waiting on my D4. Next time you are in Chicago, drop me a line, many great shooting locations here.  (4.2.2012, 5:00AM)
Sue Brown  Can't wait to get mine!!!!! Congratulations on your WPPI Award!  (2.24.2012, 12:05AM)
Mauro  Your work is beautiful. I like your shot and how you use ambiental light. I think with or without D800 your pictures are perfect hi from italy Mauro  (2.21.2012, 2:12PM)
Wade  What is the name of the woman with dark hair in the brides dress used for the Nikon ads?  (2.20.2012, 8:12AM)
Bob  Love the photos and your work Cliff. But are most of the people in your D800 images models and are your shots heavily staged, hence the perfect lighting, pose, angle, expression? If so, why did you post process the Bride shot and refer to her as your "client" that you wanted to look her "best"?  (2.17.2012, 11:32PM)
Jean Fotomode  Hello Mr Mautner. I'm a great fan of your work. So l work with a D3s and just order the new D800 for my second body. I would like to know from you, when you tried this new D800, did you notice more difficult to get a sharp picture because we ear about the blurring picture could happen with the D800 ? I do lot of fashion and wedding photography and l never use tripod. So l'm just worry about motion blur . Thanks  (2.17.2012, 7:19PM)
Momoyama Portraiture  Hi Cliff, thanks for the D800's images that you posted. I adore your photo works. In my country (Indonesia), D3s is getting popular as the High-ISO champion camera nowadays; people start considering to move to Nikon. And recently, after Nikon announced D800 and soon D4, it'll be a moment that worth to wait. For myself, I need more review on D800, as if it would be the best companion for my D3s.  (2.17.2012, 1:53AM)
Richard Hollingsworth  Cliff: Thanks a million for the detailed report on the D800. I use the same cameras as you, a D3s, and a D700. I "WAS" considering replacing the D3S, but now I'm thinking I will replace the D700. Question is.....When do you use each camera? Under what conditions would you use the D3S vs. the D800. I really LOVE your work, and try to imitate, but not copy. Thanks for all your instruction here and on KT. Richard Hollingsworth  (2.16.2012, 1:26PM)
Ray  Superb!!.. Thanks for the photos. Was looking for sample shots taken with the new D800 and finding your site was just what I needed. A fine dSLR I must say.  (2.16.2012, 10:57AM)
Wedding Photography Delaware  What a beautiful wedding. I love how happy they both look. Adore their venue. Gorgeous!Philadelphia wedding photographer  (2.15.2012, 2:51PM)
Philadelphia wedding photographer  Wow!I love these pictures! They capture the joy felt by everyone that day for Ben and Rose!Thanks for info.  (2.15.2012, 2:43PM)
Mike brown  Iam going to go for d800 rather than the d800e because of moire unwanted colours.Also the xtra work load and intend on using it in studio events partys wedings.Please tell me ive made the right choice. Thank mike brown  (2.15.2012, 10:26AM)
bud  Nice review cliff...thanks for posting  (2.14.2012, 2:33AM)
portre foto?rafç?s?  thank you cliff for sharing your experience with us. some of the images are excelent. i wan to ask if you retouched on the portrait the bride shots?  (2.12.2012, 9:40PM)
Roy  Why construct a blog which is almost completely unreadable? Brown on brown. This is purest idiocy. Roy  (2.12.2012, 3:10PM)
RICK  Great read, superb images thanks for this. One question on the face recognition - if the sensor recognises the face and exposes for that, surely it would make quite a big difference if the subject has very dark skin?  (2.12.2012, 12:19PM)
Jason  Fantastic photos. Great work.  (2.12.2012, 12:49AM)
Anne  Thanks so much for posting your experience with the D800...I really value your opinion on this new camera. Thank you also for taking the time to post images taken with different ISO settings, white balance settings, etc. Looking forward to more reviews from you on the D800. These images are stunning, by the way. I love your work...  (2.11.2012, 3:40PM)
Ken Burg  Hey Cliff, I'm fascinated by the face recognition but the Nikon site says it only works with Live View and DMovie modes. Is that true, or have you discovered that it works in other modes as well? Thanks. Great pics as usual... that's why I was at your second Bootcamp!  (2.10.2012, 9:42PM)
Jason  Great blog and lovely shots which are really inspiring! :)  (2.10.2012, 6:16PM)
Angela  Beautiful images. I have been wanting to upgrade for some time now, the D4 unfortunately in not in my price range. Your experience and samples with the D800 is making me think that it may be the way to go.  (2.10.2012, 2:40PM)
Spicytee  Wow.. Wow.. I'm sold.. I was saving for a D700 before. Now I've got to save harder for a D800. Those images were fabulous. Wow.. I'm stoked!  (2.10.2012, 7:42AM)
Jeff  Gorgeous pictures, and it's no wonder Nikon asked you to test their new shooter. I'm surprised with so many pixels, they could still produce such low noise photos. A truly impressive body. Thanks for the samples!  (2.10.2012, 2:19AM)
Richard E Brown  Lovely work as always, nice to see what a great photographer can produce from the D800. Nice to see some real examples after post production. I look forward to using it in my studio work and weddings. I do worry about about the iso performance but there is always the D3 for that.  (2.9.2012, 6:37PM)
Ron Harris  Cliff, I've never before left comments on a photographer's blog before. However, the beauty you've captured here is stunning! Beyond excellent work. Best, Ron  (2.9.2012, 4:38PM)
Gabriel Hadarean  I'm a long time Nikon user and I love Nikon. But i have a big concern : when is Nikon going to address fake skin tones? People are orange when photographed with Nikon. How is it possible to compare full frame cameras to Nikon when the later renders people orange?  (2.9.2012, 3:23PM)
RobyFabro  Thanks for your update Cliff, it's always very helpful to have some feed back from a photographer who actually used the D800 on the field. The images are fab and the quality of the 100% crops at high iso are better then I expected! From what I've seen and read, the new Nikon sounds excellent, a good companion to a D4D3s or why not, even a D700! The price of the body is fine, the battery pack, however, it is a bit on the steep side!!  (2.9.2012, 3:02PM)
John  Cliff...Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I love the shots and combined with your comments have me really excited about this camera. I can't wait to get mine.  (2.8.2012, 9:37PM)
Dominik  I think where the confusion lies with this new camera is Nikon's decision – driven by marketing – to call it a D800, making it appear as a logical step up from the D700. The D700 was an affordable D3; the D800 is not an affordable D4. It's essentially a studio camera which can still work well in the field, geared for low ISO in optimal conditions with ideal lighting at the sharpest apertures with Nikon's best glass. It is not a general purpose camera like the D700. It's a completely different camera and in many respects complements the D700 rather than replaces it. A pro like Cliff will continue to use a D3s/D4 in more challenging lighting conditions.  (2.8.2012, 5:41PM)
theddy  i saw the first image in your Oct. 2011 and it has a description that it was shot with a Nikon D3s with the same settings and lens. i'm confused.  (2.8.2012, 5:03PM)
carl  Nice photos ... however ... I'll only know if the D800 is for weddings, as so many keep saying, once I have an idea of what files at ISO 800 and above, actually look like.  (2.8.2012, 4:27PM)
Val Yang  Hi Cliff, please share your captures and experiences with the D800 when shooting the handoff, the first dance, dance with dad, etc. How is the slower fps (compared to the D3s) helping/impacting the aforementioned moments? Please show us some of your higher ISO (3200, 6400, 12,800) images and discuss how you are using these images with your clients. Thank you. Val  (2.8.2012, 12:20PM)
jim Brandano  Amazing images as always. This camera sounds great, the facial recognition is a real breakthrough for photographers. I would love to know your post production workflow. Do you ever discuss it or write about it?? Love your trainings on Kelby and hope more are coming!!!  (2.8.2012, 12:01PM)
James  Great photos. This looks like an amazing camera for portraits. Medium format quality is a DSLR.  (2.8.2012, 11:29AM)
Michael Laing  Lovely images. What worries me about the D800 is the ISO ability, which Nikon seems to be avoiding talking about at the moment. I am sure the D800 will have great ISO ability up to a 1000 ISO but when shooting a wedding in a converted barn or photographing performers, in a badly lit venue, where I can't use speed lights, I really need usable ISO performance at 1600, 3200 and maybe 6400 ISO. Could you make a blog entry on on your experiences with the D800 in low light conditions without flash, as I think it is something a lot of Nikon shooters would be interested to find out about,  (2.8.2012, 7:57AM)
John Harris  Beautiful images as ever Cliff. The D800 with the 85 f1.4 looks like a killer combination!  (2.8.2012, 7:34AM)
faith  As always, thank you for taking the time to share your work and your thoughts. I'll buck the trend and say I love the porcelain doll look and I suspect brides will, too. (Not that my two cents worth is necessarily relevant!) That said, I'm not seeing much difference in the finished image from your prior work -- given your notes, I'm wondering if the difference is perhaps more in the ease of capture than in the finished result? If so, makes me reconsider Nikon...  (2.8.2012, 2:43AM)
Omar Khan  Outstanding as usual Cliff. I have to say that I agree with some of the other comments that this set of pics from the d800 really do look over processed vs. all the other pics on your site. The porcelain look of models coupled with the over sharpened eyes seem less appealing.  (2.8.2012, 2:33AM)
WK Pang  I have to agree with David Wittig's comments. No doubt Cliff you are a great photographer. The photographs by themselves are great, but it is obvious to any photographer who knows a thing or two about Photoshop that these images are overcooked. When I read how bad is D800 at http://fakechuckwestfall.wordpress.com/2012/02/07/the-nikon-d800-less-than-meets-the-eye/, I though it's an exaggeration. Now I have second thought. Good luck, Nikon!  (2.7.2012, 7:59AM)
David Wittig  Cliff, I respect you greatly, but I was rather disappointed after seeing these photos on your blog. They seem very over-sharpened and the skin is so smoothed so that it's almost impossible to discern anything useful about the quality of these images or the camera that produced them. To see what I mean see this 100% crop from a Leica S2 file (similar resolution) : http://s3.amazonaws.com/DWP/LeicaS2-100percent.png  (2.7.2012, 6:02AM)
Qing Zhao  Hi, Cliff. Really amazing work! This camera makes any Canon users want to switch to Nikon!!!  (2.7.2012, 5:01AM)
Eduardo Barillari  Hi Cliff, love your work. What about high iso performance? How is the D800 at 6400 and above? Thanks  (2.7.2012, 2:55AM)