bob owen  just brilliant Cliff, still cant believe how generous you are with your information. Amazingly helpful, thank you.  (8.5.2013, 7:23AM)
Michael Kummer  Hi Cliff, thanks a lot for all that information - very useful! I'm an amateur photographer and I've been thinking about getting a full-size frame camera to replace my D7000. Based on your information it seems like the D800 would be the right choice! Cheers Michael  (5.22.2012, 2:16PM)
james moro  I've been initially resistent to consider the D800 b/c of the worry that there's no way they could pull off clean, high ISO images with so many pixels stuff into a 35mm format sensor. But after seeing the details that can be pulled out of the shadows virtually 5 stops with none of the classic noise/banding that canon images show, and now seeing the high ISO performance (and AF performance)....holy hell, i'm counting the days till I can afford to make the switch to nikon. This camera truly does give medium format digital a run for the money. It's something I had hoped canon would set their sights on, but apparently they're more concerned about making video camera than evolving their still image sensor technology. gorgeous photos cliff. Nikon's always been synonymous with razor SHARP images, but never had an affordable, high resolution body until now. It'll be very interesting to see if canon takes this punch laying down or if they even have anything in the works to respond with, and if it'll be too late by that point. I  (5.2.2012, 8:39PM)
Pablo Quiroga  Hi Cliff my comment is because I have been alluded to by something you said, first of all I apologize if I offended you, I wish I could have in your class room shooting, do a fantastic job and your advice for me are a great help  (5.1.2012, 9:24PM)
Danonino  Hm.. You really should learn proper exposure and post processing, because with the 14.4 steps of dynamic range that the D800 has you should be able to retain detail in the white dress and the darkest shadows without a problem. Unnatural blown highlights with a camera of this caliber is just rediculously amateurish and makes the camera look like crap, when it actually is amazing.  (5.1.2012, 8:49PM)
Gary Fries  Cliff thank you so much for posting your blog. I received one of the first D800's and I've shot a couple car races the first two weekends and love the camera. This past weekend I finally got a chance to shoot some stills on AF/s and almost all of them were badly out of focus. I tried everything. Now I read your blog... Not, sure what to do... Thanks Gary  (4.30.2012, 4:04PM)
brucemu  Hi , I am a photographer in China, the tool I am using is D200 with 18-70 lens, now I want to upgrade my tools to a FX camera, which one would you suggest? D700 is much cheaper than D800, but almost the same price as 3years ago, for wedding photo, does D800 worth the price? If I have one FX camera, which lens is the most suitable? Could you give me some advice? Thanks a lot! Here is my Please give me some comment , thks!  (4.14.2012, 5:02PM)  Very Good Photo. I'm publishing information about nikon d800 in my blog...  (4.9.2012, 7:02PM)
Paul Donovan  Thanks for writing this review Chris. I'm about to place my order for one.  (4.6.2012, 3:12PM)
Juan Batista  Hi Cliff, I really like your style, Bob Gruen told once that there is a moment between pose to pose when the subject is himself and choice to share (or not) with you. Most of your pictures looks that way. About the D800, I waiting for mine arrives, it seems that it is amazing good..  (3.27.2012, 11:15PM)
prabhakaran  excellent photography.. fantastic understanding of the light!!!  (3.27.2012, 2:28PM)
Marc McLeod  A wise man told me "never to let what other people may think, say or do, influence you & your decisions in your life." A bit heavy to bring up here, on your blog, maybe. I think critics are only challenging you to excel and your abilities are beyond proven. This allows you freedom to create and report for your clients in confidence. The World should observe and take what they can learn from your knowledge and understanding of the Art of Photography. Moreover, I think the descriptions you include with your samples is what I found useful as I am figuring out my style. There is no expectation for you to be apologetic for your samples online, ever. Great blog and site! Looking forward to learning more from you.  (3.21.2012, 5:42PM)
newfreeshipping  nice post,thanks for sharing! BTW,check out my new android 4.0 tablet newfreeshipping.  (3.21.2012, 2:45AM)
judy  Thanks a lot for your impressions about the D800. I am looking forward to having mine! you were very clear in your explanations, thanks again! ah, by the way, your PICS are AMAZING, congrats!!!!  (3.20.2012, 10:37AM)
Herwig  Thanks for the report. very useful in helping to decide whether to get the D800. You explained very clear and systematically all the features. Well done. Excellent.  (3.18.2012, 11:11AM)
ken mann  wow this is so hard to read. You must have youthful eyes indeed. The contrast between the background and text is very minimal - cool looking but not so practical.. Suggest you change the text to white or near white. great stuff and BRILLIANT photography but the text readability gets an F- .  (3.17.2012, 5:29PM)
John Gibson Photography  Thanks for your impressions and sample images. I'm looking forward to shooting a D800 in the near future, it looks like a really fantastic camera.  (3.16.2012, 2:09PM)
Karl Bratby  Thanks for sharing cliff, always a pleasure to view your work  (3.16.2012, 8:28AM)
Hani Latif  Hi Cliff: I am writing you this Unretouched comment to thank you for your generosity and for sharing your impressions concerning the D800. I totally agree with your approach and the way you treated the images for the Blog. Anybody with some money can buy the best gear on the market, but few will have such class and insight in composing images such as the ones you published and in the lighting employed in them. The colour, the atmosphere, the detail. Makes feel like asking you to produce and shoot a movie! Excellent stuff! I won't say much about the camera, my opinion should be obvious. The photographer is the protagonist, whether the pixel geeks like it or not. Unfortaunately we live at quite a distance from you, in the south of Spain, otherwise you would have been asked to be the photographer at my daughter's wedding. It's a pleasure to have "met" you and I am sure you will weave more happy memories for youe future clients and newly weds. All the best, Hani  (3.13.2012, 2:50PM)
Hani Latif  Hi Cliff: I am writing you this Unretouched comment to thank you for your generosity and for sharing your impressions concerning the D800. I totally agree with your approach and the way you treated the images for the Blog. Anybody with some money can buy the best gear on the market, but few will have such class and insight in composing images such as the ones you published and in the lighting employed in them. The colour, the atmosphere, the detail. Makes feel like asking you to produce and shoot a movie! Excellent stuff! I won't say much about the camera, my opinion should be obvious. The photographer is the protagonist, whether the pixel geeks like it or not. Unfortaunately we live at quite a distance from you, in the south of Spain, otherwise you would have been asked to be the photographer at my daughter's wedding. It's a pleasure to have "met" you and I am sure you will weave more happy memories for youe future clients and newly weds. All the best, Hani  (3.13.2012, 2:47PM)
Hani Latif  Hi Cliff: i am writing you this Unretouched comment to thank you for your generosity and for sharing your impressions concerning the D800. I totally agree with your approach and the way you treated the images for the Blog. Anybody with some money can buy the best gear on the market, but few will have such class and insight in composing images such as theines you published and in the lighting employed in them. The colour, the atmosphere, the detail. Makes feel like asking you to produce and shoot a movie! Excellent stuff! I won't say much about the camera, my opinion should be obvious. The photographer is the protagonist, whether the pixel geeks like it or not. unfortaunately we live at quite a distance from you, in the south of Spain, otherwise you would have been, with a great honour to us all, the photographer at my daughter's wedding. However, having come across you has been a wonderful visual experience. I'll be impatiently waiting for more, so, sor the time being, happy shooting and keep on weaving the happy memory of all the newly weds. All the best, Hani.  (3.13.2012, 2:40PM)
Hani Latif  Hi Cliff: i am writing you this Unretouched comment to thank you for your generosity and for sharing your impressions concerning the D800. I totally agree with your approach and the way you treated the images for the Blog. Anybody with some money can buy the best gear on the market, but few will have such class and insight in composing images such as theines you published and in the lighting employed in them. The colour, the atmosphere, the detail. Makes feel like asking you to produce and shoot a movie! Excellent stuff! I won't say much about the camera, my opinion should be obvious. The photographer is the protagonist, whether the pixel geeks like it or not. unfortaunately we live at quite a distance from you, in the south of Spain, otherwise you would have been, with a great honour to us all, the photographer at my daughter's wedding. However, having come across you has been a wonderful visual experience. I'll be impatiently waiting for more, so, sor the time being, happy shooting and keep on weaving the happy memory of all the newly weds. All the best, Hani.  (3.13.2012, 2:40PM)
jerry  Thanks for the honest d800 comments, I just had 16K of my nikon equipment, all of it, stolen on way upo tom a shoot in NY.....of course my insurance screwed me, so i have to be careful on the body I replace my d700 with. I do a lot of low light shooting, music, nightclubs...and was happy with the d700 and its hi iso capabilities. please let me know when your full review is up or if you have any thoughts. I have to make a decision soon as I need a camera for work. will prob pre order d800 your site and thnx...jerry  (3.13.2012, 1:03AM)
Adam Weklak  Looks great Cliff...thanks! Can I borrow it next week?  (3.9.2012, 5:09PM)
Stephen Bell  hi there I came seeking info over the D800. As a keen landscaper I really don't care what it produces at 6400 as I'll be using it secure on a tripod and want to use 50 ISO. Look forward to your fuller review but while I'm here... I have done the occasional wedding but blimey now I've seen your stuff I know what I need to work towards if being a photographer becomes the second career. Superb stuff, when the traffic dies down post some 100% for us? Cheers. SB. (Cheshire UK)  (3.7.2012, 9:06PM)
Gary Baxter  Thanks for taking the time to share information about what appears to be a pretty amazing new camera.  (3.5.2012, 5:09PM)
Dan  Beautiful images Cliff. Thanks for the first decent insight into the D800's ISO performance.  (3.3.2012, 10:52AM)
henryk  whats the green in her eyelash/ camera left of face? I guess thats the downside of the camera?  (3.3.2012, 4:46AM)
John van Helvert  Hello Cliff, Thank you for your first comments on the D800 and sharing some lovely shots you did with this camera. You formulated it very well with your conclusion that the D800 + the D4 will be a killer combination. Can you also perhaps share your thoughts on the D800E with your readers? I'm a Dutch photographer, a large portion of my work is travel reportages and mainly work in available light. I presently shoot with a D3s and will upgrade to a D4 but have not decided yet on which camera I will use as a second camera, either the D800 or the D800E. What are thoughts? Best regards, John  (3.2.2012, 2:46PM)
Darren Williams  Hi Cliff, Thanks for your input here and on THE Other forum. It's been a short while since you did this review. If you have any more shooting, we'd be glad of some more updates if you have any. At the moment, it's a D4 for me with a view of having the D800 as a third body to be used in the appropriate situations as per what you have previously advised. I have also thought about a D3x as a possible camera for the bag for weddings in stead of a D800 but not sure.  (3.1.2012, 9:17PM)
wayne pratt  hi cliff Firstly mate your work is beautiful.. I am constantly bamboozled by comments from people that can,t... They whinge about doing photoshop on clients.. what woman wouldnt want to look beautiful and have that spot taken off and a few wrinkles ironed out....I think people need to wake up and support people that are talented instead of bagging them..because of their own inabilities.. whew.  (2.29.2012, 4:20AM)
Rey  Thanks Cliff for sharing your work to the world. Much appreciated. Any chance you could pop in NZ for a workshop? I'll be the first to sign up. All the best, Rey from Wellington, NZ.  (2.28.2012, 10:06PM)
David Murphy  Wow. First time I have seen your work. Incredible. I know you love the new Nikon gear (I am an amateur that shoots a D700) but like golf and golf is not the answer to great results. Talent is and you've got it. I'll keep watching your site to learn more from your images.  (2.20.2012, 12:10AM)
Herb  Hi Cliff! You are truly one of the people photography was invented for :) Please let us know whether you had problems with blurring using the D800. Since the technical manual Nikon has released talks a lot about it. What can one do to avoid this problem? The other thing is the D800 vs. D800E question. Is the D800E really only a Landscape/Macro camera? I'd imagine that it could also deliver astounding results for wedding photographers. What about the moiré? Is it really that big a problem? Will elegant wedding dresses and suits be "moiré magnets"? Hope to read your review very soon. All the best, Herb  (2.18.2012, 10:46AM)
Fredrik Källängs  I bought my D800 yesterday..... And I am really filing lika an 8 year old child getting his first bike! Amazing!  (2.17.2012, 3:39PM)
Hector  I own a D700 which ive had for three years and have been waiting for the upgrade and from what i can see from the rduced file sizes the photos look absolutely fantastic. Im just an ameteur and wonder if its worth parting with the extra cash for the (E) model i do like taking panoramic views and also do night shots. Will the new camera be as good as the D700. Cheers  (2.17.2012, 1:28PM)
Jeff Franks  Cliff, I was in your April 2011 Skillset Bootcamp, which I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a ton. I will be picking up my D4 tomorrow and can't wait to compare it to the output of the D3s, but I have to tell you I am seriously thinking about selling my D3x and buying a D800. The images I have seen on your sites, along with those from other photographers, are incredible and the added ISO range and higher resolution really make this one a no brainer. I can only imagine the depreciation on my D3x, ouch!!! The D800 will be a killer companion to the D4 and D3s for wedding work. I cannot wait to shoot formals and those intimate couple moments with that kind of resolution. Completely concur, this is going to be an awesome tool - I guess Nikon wants all my money - greedy bastards.  (2.15.2012, 9:46PM)
Ups  Thank you for such an informative information. My main session is stage performance and concert (in door with BAD and uneven stage light). I believe that D800 will be good enough for that. People don't care much about noise or sharpness for that matter with that type of sessions. Thanks again.  (2.15.2012, 11:54AM)
Roger de La Harpe  Cliff. Hi. Many thanks for these very useful insights into the D800. I'm having the big internal D800/D4 debate with myself (and my wife ;-)) and your comments certainly have helped. Oh, and just by the way, completely blown away by your photography. Score 10!  (2.15.2012, 10:12AM)
Thierry of J&T Photo Paris  Using as DX ? That must be a joke... If I wanted to have a APS size camera I would buy one. I had some, but that's just not up to my standard. No way I will do it. Rather keep my D700 than have a D800 used as a D7000 ! Canon deliver sRAW, and have done so for years now. So it's feasible. I think Nikon will have a LOT to win to offer sRAW too. If they want, they can give a warning that it's not native resolution and can reduice sharpness or whatever, or they can choose to apply a sharp reduction method, I don't know. Yes, of course, recording a RAW in a smaller resolution is not exactly a RAW because there will be some informations lost, BUT in the other hand, I can honestly say, JPG is not an option because I would loose too much dynamique, and ability to change white balance, among other things, and the RAW are just too big for a lot of my work. I need the flexibility of RAW but in a smaller resolution, period. And that's the case of MANY photographers. MANY. Cliff included. But he have a D3S and D4 for that so that's ok. The thing is, the D800 have a great dynamique, many advances features.... it would be great if I could use it instead of D700 in ANY situations. Great for me but also for Nikon because I would get 2 D800 (for now, and maybe more in the future) if I could enable sRAW, but instead I will buy only one, for video and for fashion shootings. And some photographers would buy one instead of keeping their old D3, D700, etc. And if I'm sure Nikon have an other great camera with detachable grip and lower resolution in stock (D400 ?), it won't be the solution as many photographers would love to have the ability to shoot in 36Mpixels AND in lower resolutions, according to the situation. If Nikon don't provide sRAW, this type of users may go toward Canon 5D (III ?!)... Personally, I won't, but D4 + D800 is not the solution, because having two body is not only possible, and especially if one is as big as a D4. For exemple now I'm in SE Asia for a 4 month trip, with a selection of my best lenses (a lot had to stay home), and only one of my D700 body. But it's still too much almost. And being able to shoot in 36Mpixel during such a trip when the conditions are ideal, and record in lower resolution when not, or when I know I won't need this kind of resolution but I shoot a lot (documentary style), it would be the ultimate tool to me, and many other photographers. But anyway, Canon changed 5D II firmware quite a lot to adapt to clients complains... hopefully Nikon will do the same :)  (2.15.2012, 9:19AM)
Ken Hills  Hi Cliff, Love your work and your use of lighting it is inspirational. Your classes are my favourite on Kelby. The D800 certainely looks like a really good camera. Don't waste your time on the negative comments as these are people more interested in facts and figures than actual photography. Your work would be great whatever camera you used. I'm a Canon shooter btw but have no problem respecting Nikon. Keep your amazing images coming!  (2.14.2012, 1:02PM)
Pablo Tedesco  Hola, lo primero, es felicitarte por tu trabajo, es realmente lo que yo busco en el mio, me gusta la idea y la estética. Fantástico!! Me presento, soy fotógrafo de Montevideo - Uruguay. En cuanto a tu descripción, fue muy enriquecedora, aunque para estas latitudes, esos cuerpos son bastante inaccesibles porque son muy caros, pero espero poder hacerme de ellos en algún momento, porque la calidad es impresionante. Te mando un abrazo y te voy a estar siguiendo, Pablo.  (2.14.2012, 12:35PM)
Romel Velasco  Totally in agreement with DOMINIK. Thank you very much, Cliff.  (2.14.2012, 12:13PM)
Joe  Cliff, Thanks very much for your detailed review and feedback here. Your sample images here definitely show what a fantastic piece of kit Nikon has delivered once more. And that comes from a Canon shooter! I do question the manners and basic decency of people who come on here and are extremely rude and aggressive in their comments. Such people may have a valid viewpoint or argument, but they do themselves, Cliff and the reader a disservice by clouding their comments with such needless vitriol. Peace and loving kindness.  (2.13.2012, 8:22PM)
Jack62  Hello Nice work, that's beautiful pictures... Is it possible to see picture at 25.800 iso just to know how the d800 work ? Thanks ;-)  (2.13.2012, 9:01AM)
Dee  Great work Cliff... Love how you response to your critiques :)... At first I really would consider D800 but looking at the mega pixel I wonder how big is the RAW file. I think an upgrade from my old MacBook would be a great justice to the workflow. Have. You find any lagging in photoshop or your image library processing the D800 RAW file? At the moment looks like I need to increase my saving to upgrade straight to D4 :) Keep up the great work Cliff :)  (2.12.2012, 12:44AM)
Scott Williams  Just wanted to say thanks for a great critique and sample images. It will be most helpful for me to make some decisions. I presently shoot with a D700 and have many styles and subjects to shoot. ISO, speed, lighting, not to mention composition, all are ever changing because of my wide and diverse subjectss. You have helped to answer about half of my questions and I will look forward to any further testing and critiques you might have in the near future. Best regards, Scott Williams  (2.11.2012, 8:30PM)
Jim  Cliff, do you lean toward D800 or D800E for the times when you will use this camera. Thank you.  (2.11.2012, 3:41PM)
ken kienow  bummer that you'll have to own three types of memory cards to accomplish a d4-d800 combo. super lame on nikon's part, IMO.  (2.11.2012, 1:46PM)
Bruno Franco  Hello Cliff... Great job as always. I have a huge doub about the D800. I've heard that it only does 4fps... wouldn't that be a disappointment for low light, or sport shots? Hope to see more of your job soon. Thanks for inspiring.  (2.11.2012, 8:52AM)
Preben Richter  Thank you very much for your take on the D800. When I fist heard the rumor that the D800 would be a 36 mpix camera, I was a little disappointed. I hoped that the D800 was going to be a D4 light, as the D700 was to the D3. My main concern was that the ISO capabilities of the D800 would not be good enough, and that bothered me a lot. Now, after having read your blog on the D800, and seen your shots, I am a bit calmer than I have been. It seems that I don't have so much of a reason to be disappointed after all. Thank you for letting us know what the D800 is capable of.  (2.11.2012, 8:38AM)
Jason  Dear Cliff, You may never read this, but I feel its my duty to tell you so. I just want to thank you for the images you shared with us, weather you were paid or not, i really don't care. You know why? Cause I'm not going to buy this camera based on your post. I will wait to try it myself to see if it works for me. However, I really enjoyed seeing the early previews and a little about what this camera is capable of doing, its quite remarkable. I'm really sorry you've had to deal with so much backlash, I'm really embarrassed for those that read, and judged you for it. Please don't let them spoil it, cause there are many that appreciated the preview. I'm a huge fan of yours, watched all your kelby trainings. Thank you so much for all you give! Jason  (2.11.2012, 12:30AM)
Vincent Goetz  As someone who shot Nikon thirty years ago and started shooting Nikon Digital five years ago, this camera excites me. I migrated to a Phase One P40+ early this year because I wanted a camera that had a better dynamic range. I considered the D3 and the D4 but they were not what i was looking for. This camera looks like it will be. At a reasonable price. I am happy to see Nikon do this. It will be added to the bag.  (2.11.2012, 12:19AM)
mike morrell  Thanks for posting. The last shot (Cliff_Mautner_D800noretouch.jpg) is the most beautiful of them all. But they are all great. Was this taken with the 85 f1.4? I have pre-ordered my D800.  (2.10.2012, 11:57PM)
Ron  Cliff, I really appreciate the pics and commentary. You do wonderful work.  (2.10.2012, 11:49PM)
Cathy  Thank you Cliff for posting images and crops with the new D800. The various ISO pics are what I've been wanting to see samples of. Have a great weekend.  (2.10.2012, 7:41PM)
Michael  Cliff, thank you for your insight. I've followed you on Kelby Training. I like your style and respect your opinion. Can you please comment on your experience with processing the RAW files out of this camera with respect to the CPU power needed? I know what it's like to work with 16 MP files, but have no idea what 36.3 MP files will do to my machine. If I have to factor in the cost of a faster computer, it might weigh in on my decision between the D800 and D4. Also, some of the comments surrounding the D800 lead me to believe that you need to be either very experienced or have a fairly controlled environment to consistently get desired results out of this camera. Any thoughts on this observation? I tend to shoot a lot of lifestyle photography, often including children, and I don't consider that a very controlled environment (maybe closer to wildlife photography : ) ). I would think the D4 would be better for such images, but again, I have to consider I can buy a D800 and 1-2 nice lenses for the cost of a D4. But if I'm going to be frustrated using the D800 for this style of photography, I will spend the extra money on the D4.  (2.10.2012, 5:12PM)
Dominik  @Rudy: "You have pro photographers reading your blog to gather info about the D800. We don't want to see retouched photos." The Nikon site already has JPEG samples without retouching. Most of us want to see what the finished product looks like with the new camera so we can compare it to the rest of Cliff's work shot with a D3s. If you're here for pixel peeping you're in the wrong place.  (2.10.2012, 4:09PM)
Scott Tibbles  Cliff, thank you for your insight. It's a shame there are those who don't appreciate your time, effort and insight, especially considering the information is of no cost to them. Keep up the stellar work, on and off the field.  (2.10.2012, 3:21PM)
Minh Insixiangmy  Wonderful article Cliff. The D800 changes over the D700 are much needed. I love my D700 but I craved for a little more resolution, 100% viewfinder accuracy, and most importantly an improved AutoFoucs. Seeing your results with the D800 AF is a delight to see. Now to wait at my doorstep for my D800E to arrive. Keep up the awesome work!  (2.10.2012, 1:47PM)
Theo Bryson  Loved the photos! The D800 is making this Canon shooter want a Nikon.  (2.10.2012, 12:37PM)
Camilla  Thank you for the blog post! Your conclusions seems to be right on spot. But if a image taken by D800 with 36MB and high ISO, then shrink it to 16MB compared with a D4 image at the same ISO and 16MB. Will the result with noise still be better with D4 than D800?  (2.10.2012, 12:19PM)
Mungo  D800 - CAMERA SHAKE Cliff, my main concern about the D800 is that the high resolution will record Camera shake that much more than my D700. I'll have to select higher shutter speeds to shoot handheld, resulting in higher ISO shots... Any comments on this ?  (2.10.2012, 11:16AM)
Daf  Thanks for sharing. Another photo-geek here and I agree with some of the above - would be great to have non-retourched, and even HiRes files for those of us techies. I'm keen to get a 800 but have reservations about High ISO performance. Maybe shoot something that doesn't have a person in so you don't feel compelled to edit ?  (2.10.2012, 7:49AM)
Dan Rowe  Canon guy here and I've got to admit, those are some pretty impressive files.  (2.10.2012, 7:32AM)
Nevalee  I was a little uneasy about ordering the D800 with such mixed reviews and the confusion between the 800 & 800E. After reading your blog I feel confident to place the order for an 800. Thanks for posting your beautiful images and your honesty.  (2.10.2012, 4:25AM)
faith  This is just a humble suggestion that, given the web crash re: the D800 posts, it might be worth considering separately your blog into two blogs -- one for brides and one for photographers. Just a humble thought, if it helps. ???  (2.10.2012, 2:01AM)
Harry  Loving your work, thanks for taking the time to write these articles up. Very informative. Just the fix I needed lol.  (2.10.2012, 12:53AM)
rudy  Dude. You have pro photographers reading your blog to gather info about the D800. We don't want to see retouched photos. We want to see how the camera performs. We know the game. We don't need your effects after the fact. Why is that hard to fathom??? We want to see how the camera performs in its virgin state. Retouching your photos, and then claiming them to be shot by the D800 is a complete misrepresentation of how the D800 performs. Rudy  (2.9.2012, 11:44PM)
Eric  Thank you. I really appreciate the high ISO images. The sequence reassures me that my pre-order decsion was correct.  (2.9.2012, 11:36PM)
jim gates  Thanks for the info and the images - they're a help! My biggest concern is how the file size will influence my workflow. right now I work from USB 2 external drives, on an imac i7 2.8ghz 8GB ram. Will it slow me down too much editing raw files in lightroom and photoshop? Will I need thunderbolt capable drives?? thanks again!  (2.9.2012, 10:38PM)
Ben  Could you clarify this: "You should expect it to perform close to the D700 and D3 with respect to ISO"? In particular, do you mean pixel-for-pixel they will perform about the same, or if you combine about 3 pixels from the D800 you will get about the same amount of information as from one D700 pixel?  (2.9.2012, 10:03PM)
John Harrison  Cliff, Thanks for sharing your beautiful images and insight into shooting with this seemingly awesome camera! You really do some nice work! Sorry to hear about all the pixel peepers that really need to chill. Keep shooting and sharing! John  (2.9.2012, 10:01PM)  Thanks for taking the time out to share these, Cliff. Great work, as usual, and your insight is always appreciated.  (2.9.2012, 9:48PM)
Linda  My husband and I attended your bootcamp in November and as usual your images and knowledge blow me away! I would love to upgrade our 700 bodies and I am not sure which is best for us at this time so having a thorough analysis to read is awesome and so very helpful. One of the things I loved about your bootcamp was your honesty and I very much appreciate that here as well! Thanks for always sharing so much of your knowledge and your work as it keeps me inspired to become the best photographer I can.  (2.9.2012, 9:21PM)
Dominik  Gina, change the order to a D800 if you can. Judging by samples the D800 already has a reasonably weak AA filter and unless you're comparing extremely large prints I doubt anyone will ever notice a difference in sharpness compared to the D800e. Moiré when it shows up however will be very noticeable, usually in the guys' suits especially when they're grey so you'll need to do a lot more work in post to remove it or position your subjects so those areas are out of focus. Not worth the trouble in my opinion.  (2.9.2012, 8:20PM)
Thom  Thanks so much for teh update Cliff - your previous comments and the images posted pushed me over the edge and I now have a D800 on pre-order. While I'm not a wedding photographer, I am a people photographer. The skin tones you get are absolutely beautiful!  (2.9.2012, 8:08PM)
Qing Zhao  Cliff, thanks for the 2nd review of the D800. The high ISO performance was expected as it is never supposed to be a D3s or D4 for low light shooting. I think it aims to the level of Canon 5D Mark II, but has more pixels, far better AF and metering system as well as a bunch of other improvements. I guess for landscape photographers, this machine is also priceless and can produce lots of finer details than ever before!  (2.9.2012, 7:21PM)
gary smith  Cliff, thank you so much, like so many folks, I've been patiently waiting for the unveiling of the D800. The information you're taken your time to pass along to us is very much appreciated. For that .5%, oh well, I guess there will always be those unhappy few.  (2.9.2012, 6:57PM)
Nate Perkes  Cliff, you're the man! Thanks so much for doing this follow up post. It's exactly what I wanted to see. It's made me rethink the possibility of getting one and adding it to my lineup. The ISO is SURPRISINGLY good! I thought at 36mp, it would struggle. Your work is absolutely fantastic and some of these comments seriously crack me up. Love these images! Thanks Cliff!  (2.9.2012, 6:40PM)
Jochen  Great Pictures. But there went something wrong. "D800, Nikkor 85mm 1.4G @ ISO 6400. 980 pixels cropped out from a 100% view of the image" for example. What your are showing can't be a 100% crop out of the image showed above. It's more than 50%, but much less than 100%. Just resize the complete image to the native resolution of the D800 and compare it to the image supposed to be a "100% crop"  (2.9.2012, 6:30PM)
Bob  Thank you very much for the review. >forgive me if I want my clients to look their best Lifeless plasticy faces do not look very appealing (to me).  (2.9.2012, 4:15PM)
Vander Nunes  Hi Cliff, first of all congratulations!!!! For me you are an inspiration, your photos and lessons are just incredibles. Long life to you!!! As for you comment on the D800, a quick question, I was going to buy a D3X or D3S, do you personally think the D800E can replace them in a general point of view, specially for wedding photography. I currently have a D700. Thanks in advance.  (2.9.2012, 4:10PM)
Rick Lewis  Cliff, Thanks for such a thorough test of the D800! Your input is very credible and hopefully satisfies the pixel peepers that do nothing but whine about non real world issues. Great job, and, of course, great images!!  (2.9.2012, 3:44PM)
Gina  Please Help, Cliff! I pre-ordered the 800E (I am a wedding photographer and love sharp images) but I need help determining if I made the right choice vs D800. I am having a hard time understanding the whole alias thing. Such an investment that I value all insight.  (2.9.2012, 3:44PM)
David  Awesome post, Cliff! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Can't wait to get my hands on the D800!  (2.9.2012, 3:33PM)
david brandsma  thanks for sharing these images with us. These will give potential customers of the d800 and d800e a chance to see the resolution of this new camera.  (2.9.2012, 3:25PM)
matt  Thanks Cliff. Always appreciate/ trust your "real world" assessments.  (2.9.2012, 3:11PM)
JANO  Thanks Cliff. Great help. The ISO3200 crop looks fantastic for a 36Mpixel cam. Beautiful pics anyway you are a talented professional.  (2.9.2012, 2:12PM)
Josh  Thanks for the high ISO analysis Cliff. Like many others, I would love to hear your thoughts on the D800 vs. D800e for your particular style and field. Keep up the amazing work.  (2.9.2012, 2:00PM)
Jesse  Cliff, with such an increase in resolution, what will it mean for photographers that are using lenses such as the 35/2, 85/1.8 and the sort? In terms of image quality, should they simply keep to their D700/D3 until they get the faster and more expensive glass? I often hear that you need better glass to take advantage of that kind of high resolution, but I'm not sure exactly what that means (other than high native printing resolution)... PS. Looking forward to your workshop in April!  (2.9.2012, 1:59PM)
Mel  Thanks Cliff! Big fan of your work! Not sure if this was already asked, I just want to hear your thoughts regarding the D4/D800 combo where you have to use and buy 3 different memory cards? During weddings, would that affect your speed having to figure out which memory card belongs to which slot? Thanks.  (2.9.2012, 1:56PM)
Daniel Bayer  The term you need to be using when referring to your high iso samples to demonstrate noise levels is "High ISO", not just ISO by it self. This is a really bad habit that mostly amateurs do and until we get a new naming convention for a camera's scalable sensitivity to light, the term "ISO" simply means the measurement range, what term we use for that particular scale. Be a pro, use the correct term please.  (2.9.2012, 1:35PM)
Ryan  Hey Cliff, I had posted this on your old blog, but I just wondering what your thoughts are on the D800 vs. the D800E for wedding photography (i.e., which will you be adding to your arsenal)? I'm a little worried about moire on fabrics, especially wedding gowns, but at the same time, I know those shooting medium format have been dealing with it for some time. Thanks again for the incredible blog and great shots you share with all of us.  (2.9.2012, 1:25PM)
Aino  Well written. Awesome shots. Fantastic job.  (2.9.2012, 1:10PM)
Gavin Lister  Hey Cliff. Really appreciate this review. Several years ago I did a 3 day course with you in Dubai. Back then you said the D3x was a bit too slow in generating a preview and writing files for your style of wedding photography. After trying one out taking RAW pics I had had to agree with you. Can I ask, how does the D800 compare with this? Is there a big delay in processing and/or generating a preview on the rear display? On a separate note, your workshop was the single most beneficial influence on my photography to date. Thanks :-)  (2.9.2012, 1:04PM)
Samuel  Great photos Cliff! I am a big fan of your work and I can't wait to get my hands on the D800....  (2.9.2012, 12:42PM)
Dominik  Thierry, they will be around 75MB. You have two options: shoot in DX crop mode (15mp) if you can get away with it on the wide end (essentially doubling as a D7000), or use a D700/D3/D3s/D4 for the rest of your wedding coverage. As for your workflow, if you can't afford the storage, only keep your best edited shots in RAW (i.e. album and canvas images) and store what's left over as JPEG.  (2.9.2012, 7:36AM)
jB  forget the haters, I as many other do really appreciate a real world look at the d800 because thats where I intent to use the real world... Many thanks  (2.9.2012, 7:29AM)
WK Pang  Many thanks for your follow-up post. Yes, I was the one who came was concerned with the "overcooked" sharpening in the previous post. If you read carefully, most of the comments were pretty gentle and aim to be constructive. Ridiculous comments they are not. Nobody was asking for unedited images, or non-sharpened images. I am merely stating the obvious that the images have been really way OVER-sharpened. Why get so worked up? Anyone who disagrees that those photos are way over-sharpened, go and fix yourself a new pair of glasses. Ok, I hear Cliff screaming again, “The resolution and detail in these files are so high that when being retouched at a100% it doesn't look like there is as much retouching, so when it is sized down the retouching looks exaggerated.” The point is, it's not the first time in the history of photography that photos of super large mega resolution have been downsized for web. For all we know photos taken with medium format digital camera looks good to all the while. See Zack Arias Medium Format Phase One, 40MP image shrink for web. I am not starting a war of D800 vs Medium Format. I am just warning with this camera, that you might have to deal with this issue - OMG, my pictures have too much megapixels, I have to shrink it for web, then it gone soft, but then I have to really sharpen it like a razor so that everyone can see how good it is.  (2.9.2012, 7:28AM)
Thierry of J&T Photo Paris  As for the D800... of course I want to get one, but I just have one concern... the 36Mpixel files in raw, as useful as they can be for some shots (such as bride and groom portraits, couple pictures, group pictures, etc.), will also be a hassle for me when I shoot journalist-style pictures. Half of the resolution or even 1/4 would be already more than enough as they never get printed in big size anyway, and sometime I shoot 2000 pictures in a day with my colleague. How big are the NEF with lossless compression ? And do you know if Nikon have any plan on adding the ability to save sRAW (small raw) files ? That would be a really, really big features for me, and I believe, for many photographers. JPG is just out of the equation, of course, so if I cannot do this I will shoot in RAW, sort and edit the pictures, and then probably delete as fast as possible the unwanted pictures. So far I always kept them just in case I didn't pick one that someone wanted (it happened to me in the past, i'm far more picky than my clients). But with huge files like that I don't think I can allow this... I already have 3 2TB hard drives and it's barely enough... if I keep the same workflow with files that are 5 times bigger, I will need a data center ^_^  (2.9.2012, 6:17AM)
Thierry of J&T Photo Paris  Hi Cliff ! I'm also a wedding photographer, and even though your style is very different from mine, I really love your work ! It's just outstanding. I think the few angry photographers are just jealous people. There is no way in hell someone can really dislike your work. They just wish they had a D800, too, and probably wish they were as good as you ! The way you retouch pictures define part of your style. I'm surprised you give unedited pictures at all, really, you don't owe anything to anyone. As you say, for people who want unedited pictures, they can get it on Nikon Website. Your goal here was to show the use of D800 in real world situation, and being an good wedding photographer, you do retouche your images, and showing how much you can do thanks to the dynamique of the D800 raw files, the improved AF, and how it help your creative workflow, is spot on what Nikon wanted you to show I think. Don't let any hater make you think otherwise. Your work is OUTSANDING, and you know what you're doing, the people who say images are overcooked/overedited/etc. are just people that don't know how to use a computer and give the excuse that they prefer "natural" images because they just have no clue how to edit a picture, or too lazy to do it. Only lazy photographers don't edit pictures, I don't know any GOOD wedding photographer that doesn't edit pictures, because good photography must look AMAZING, there must look extra-ordinary. Sure you can shoot in JPG and give unattractive pictures, I'm sure even with a D800 you can do that. Why not shooting in automatic mode to show how smart is the camera because "it's how most people will use it anyway", Seriously ?! I'm really picky about pictures, and I'm not easily impriessed. But your work is truly amazing and that's no wonder why Nikon chose for many work, and to test the D800. Yes of course I'm a bit jealous, I would love to have tested it too ! But do I think I would do a better job than you at it ? Hell no ! I believe I'm a really good photographer already, but I have still to learn a lot before I can get to your level ! Best Regards from Ubon, Thailand  (2.9.2012, 6:08AM)
cliff mautner  Kevin, thanks for checking the blog. In all honesty, I couldn't disagree with you more. These are crops of images at 100%. I think the noise levels are nearly as good as both the D700 and the D3(same chip). I'm not going to get into an argument on the web, but I think you're grasping at straws. These are my observations, and I've used the camera. Also, the cameras I used were prototypes. I'm sure the production models are somewhat superior in many areas.  (2.9.2012, 5:54AM)
Kevin  Great updates on the D800! Thank you so much for sharing your precious personal experiences with the camera. I'm a prospect buyer of the camera myself! I'm just wondering, from your resized samples, there seems to be quite a lot of color noise at ISO 3200 and above? (D3/D700 seems better in this regard) Can you please confirm that please? Thank you!! Kevin  (2.9.2012, 5:48AM)
James  The skin tones and shadows on the high ISO images is very impressive.  (2.9.2012, 5:05AM)
Nate Crouch  Thanks for the info. I've come to the same conclusion that the D4 D800 combo would be amazing for resolution and low light. Thanks for providing us with your thoughts on the camera. Maybe I'll see you at one of your workshops sometime. Thanks again.  (2.9.2012, 5:04AM)
Brett Morgan  I would like to thank you for the awesome minor review I just read but for me it has truely made my mind up where I am going to go now as I was thinking of going to Phase now I will be sticking with Nikon thats for sure and yes some beautiful images as well. Regards Brett  (2.9.2012, 2:00AM)
Marshal   Cliff, Thanks again very much for taking the time out of your busy portrait & wedding business & personal time to show us all these great pics and info about the D800. It is very much appreciated. I especially appreciate your follow-up by posting these new pics with tight crops. This says to me that the DR is indeed excellent & high ISO capability while not competing with the D3s & D4 nocturnal cameras is still very very capable. The pixel peeping couch photographers and LAZY-Boy quarterbacks are an annoying bunch, I know. They've been around a long time, and we'll likely have to put up with them in the future. They're all over the DPReview forums. They don't understand the concept of wedding & portrait photography retouching to make the bride look her ideal best. Anyway, keep up the great work & I look forward to your full review and any further photos. What you've shown so far look spectacular!  (2.9.2012, 1:13AM)
Dave  Cliff, thanks for sharing all the information. I didn't have a chance to read through the comments so forgive me if this was already discussed. Did you have a chance to work with the D800E ( no AA filter) ? I would like to use this camera for wedding photography but I'm afraid of moire in the fabrics. There are many high end fashion photographers who shoot with medium format cameras (no AA filter) so how bad can moire be for fabrics ?  (2.9.2012, 1:11AM)
Rob Greer  Thanks for the post Cliff. Your comments were perfect in helping me make some critical business decisions as to my next camera purchases!  (2.9.2012, 12:58AM)
David Kenny  Nice update. Your ISO captures demonstrate the potential of this new tool. Thank you for clarifying that you'll be using the D4 WITH the D800. That answers many questions. Thx again.  (2.8.2012, 11:39PM)
Van  Great comments Cliff. Appreciate the effort you put into providing insight. Where could you have used the E version, and would it have made any difference? Not that the price is a factor to order an E but, could it be a deterrent in your kind of work? Thanx.  (2.8.2012, 11:31PM)
gnohz  Thank you for posting sample images and listing some of the features/improvements that could be overlooked easily :)  (2.8.2012, 10:50PM)
Bogdan  Thnks for taking the time and having the patience Cliff. Your positive outtake on this camera holds a lot more water then any "measurbator" sites will undoubtedly bring in the weeks to come. One thing is apparent and was actually expected... The D3x was already pretty merciless in showing lens limitations. The new D800 shows even less mercy :-). If the megapixel are to be racing forward still, we're bound to have to reinvent some of the basic optics (talking about the science here) if we are to reap any rewards. Just my two Canadian cents :-) Cheers and again thanks!  (2.8.2012, 10:49PM)
Kim Hennessy  Hi Cliff! I attended your bootcamp in the spring of 09 and you photographed my wedding in 2010. Thank you so much for taking the time to post so much about the 800. Very much looking forward to your full review. I'd love to get the D4 but I just can't handle the weight. I want the 800 but I'm scared of all the space it's going to take up in addition to possibly slowing my computer down. I'm interested to hear how your computer is handling the size.  (2.8.2012, 10:42PM)
Shoshanna  Oh, G_d, this is going to be a yummy camera! Yes! Yes! Yes! (I feel a major Meg Ryan moment coming on.) Thanks so much for posting your glorious images and for giving us a peek at what the D800 offers. After reading your first post yesterday I went straight to B&H and ordered my D800E. Can't wait! (And I'm breathing hard just thinking about it!) Leaving the room now... Shoshanna Gold Beach - South Coast of Oregon Leaving the room now...  (2.8.2012, 10:31PM)
Donny S  Hi Cliff, Would really appreciate an answer on this one. Wondering which program you are using to edit these files? Obviously, a lot of in camera trickery will only be read by capture nx2 and view nx2. Just wondering if you use these programs in your workflow for weddings though? Capture nx2 is a PITA to use, so I have resorted to third party software. Editing 400 wedding photos in capture nx2 is a no go zone for me. Hopefully a capture nx3 is released with better workflow for heavy batch shooters.  (2.8.2012, 10:23PM)
Chris Morrow  Thanks for the review. I have a d4 on order but will probably get this as well. Do you think they will release a body like this with the d4 sensor at a later date?  (2.8.2012, 10:11PM)
Jerry Tieng  Thanks you for sharing your high ISO images. As a rabid D700 user doing mostly street photograhy, travel portraits, and landscapes - the ease of post production editing with D700 raw files is a dream that I am afraid I will have to wake up from with the D800's smaller pixels. Your images show that properly exposed and with the right white balance, I have nothing to worry about given that I get 3x more pixels and video for the same price. It will complement the D700 well until I can afford a D4. I cant eit for my new toy to arrive.  (2.8.2012, 9:51PM)
Walter Tsui  Hi Cliff, I attended your bootcamp back in 2010, and it's served me incredibly well. Just wanted to thank you for taking the time to post the info and samples from the D800 -- i've placed my preorder already. Looking forward to your further thoughts! Best, Walter  (2.8.2012, 9:44PM)
Walter L. Smith  Thanks for you insite on the D800. And super pictures you shared. Now defenatly going to put money asside to get one. If some people can't see what super results even at web quality their nuts. I do nature photography and demand super sharpness. But thats the way I am. Would love this in my hands. AND a whole lot cheper than a Hazleblad by long shot.  (2.8.2012, 9:40PM)
sade  Great post. I appreciate it! I wish you can tell us more about this camera. In particular, it will be great if you tell us about dynamic range and posterizing in ISO up to 800. Thanks again.  (2.8.2012, 9:31PM)
Koray Ustuner  Thank you very much Cliff. This is what I'm looking for. I'm sure high ISO performance will be a bit better with the final release of firmware. Your talent also stuning. All the best wishes from North Cyprus.  (2.8.2012, 9:25PM)
faith  Thank you so much for the time you took to write this up and post these images! I love that your images look romantic and dramatic, and I really appreciate your posting the "before" and "after" to show the difference! Warmest, Faith  (2.8.2012, 9:19PM)
Dave Payne  Beautiful pics Cliff, thanks for sharing and updating the post.  (2.8.2012, 9:14PM)
Jim Scholz  Thanks for your kind presentations on the D800. They are really helpful and I love your work. Jim  (2.8.2012, 9:11PM)
Jarrett  Nice one Cliff. Great to see how ISO performs in low light. Does seem quite similar to a 700 in that regard. You are lucky to use this beast. I hope your memory cards and hard drives are taking the hit ok! ;) Thanks.  (2.8.2012, 9:11PM)
Eric  Thanks for sharing!  (2.8.2012, 9:06PM)
Rob  Cliff - thanks for taking the time to post the high iso shots. 6400 is very impressive. The high res crop shows a pretty amazing amount of detail. A retouchers delight and nightmare in the same sentence. Delight = plenty of detail, nightmare....soooo much detail. Take care, Rob  (2.8.2012, 9:05PM)
Linda  Thanks, Cliff. I appreciate the photo samples discussing the high ISOs. Understood in low light conditions you'd go for the D4.  (2.8.2012, 8:51PM)
Phil  Thanks Cliff. Really appreciate the images and explanations. I do think a lot of the folks getting worked up about tech details simply don't like photography (even if it is their chosen profession). But you do, it shows, and I'm glad you share what you know with those of us who are learning the ropes.  (2.8.2012, 8:25PM)
Michael Quist  Great work!! I love you discrete but direct and practical approach on the reviews written so far. Very usefull. Thank you, keep it up.  (2.8.2012, 8:22PM)
Dominik  Thanks for taking time to go into detail Cliff and unlike the pixel peepers taking photos of their pets, I'm far more interested in the opinions of a pro who relies on this gear to make a living and satisfy demanding clients. You're the benchmark for wedding photography so a lot of us are very interested in how this new camera fits into your workflow. Thanks again.  (2.8.2012, 8:07PM)