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Wedding Photography at Rittenhouse Hotel

There are times that I’m so moved by an image that they haunt me and stay with me for a very long time. This image, taken during a wedding at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, will stay with me forever. We were shooting a first look in Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia when the bride’s father saw his daughter waiting for the groom in the park. He had been running a few errands around the city before the wedding, and he came over to speak to his daughter. I was worried that he would interfere with the moment when the groom saw the bride, but instead, I was treated to a moment that was truly special. The bride and her father were very, very close. They shared a few words together, and I captured several moments of the action when she reached out and touched her father’s face gently. It was a powerful moment, and it became even more important when I found out that her father passed away eighteen months after this wedding. I’m so glad that I can capture moments like this for my clients, and it reminds me of the importance of wedding photography. I really love the connection they have with one another, and I hope I can share the same type of experience when my own daughters get married someday. I’m sure it will be a powerful moment, and I hope a talented photographer can capture the love I have for my daughters as well. After all of this took place, we captured the rest of their gorgeous Rittenhouse Hotel Wedding.