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Cliff Mautner Photography

Barnes Foundation Wedding

In just a few short years, The Barnes Foundation wedding event space has become one of Philadelphia’s premier wedding venues in the region. Weddings at The Barnes Foundation can accommodate an intimate setting for a few dozen, or a large, gala sized event for a few hundred. Catered by Starr events, as in Stephen Starr, the cuisine is art inspired, and top notch. One burning question would be whether guests have access to the incredible gallery of art. Yes, indeed, during the cocktail hour, the gallery is open to guests, provided they leave their cocktail weenies and drinks at the entrance!

For those unfamiliar with The Barnes Foundation, it’s the largest privately owned collection of art in the world. Dr. Albert Barnes originally had this art collection in his private home in Lower Merion, Pa, and a few years ago, benefactors moved it to Philadelphia, under the protest of many. Well, I’m glad they did. It’s become one of my favorite venues, today, and I’ll even take 10 minutes during the cocktail hour to allow myself to become invigorated when I stroll through the ridiculously beautiful, priceless works of art in the gallery space. Barnes Foundation weddings have a feel that few venues can emulate. It has a covered, outdoor area that is protected from bad weather, the cocktail area space is large enough so that people don’t kill each other, and the reception space can handle many on the dance floor. This recent wedding of Lepi and Eddie was an Indian/Jewish wedding. The Baraat, an Indian tradition where the groom “travels” to the venue, was held right on the Ben Franklin Parkway, and was spectacular with the Barnes as a background.

This image of Eddie and Lepi was taken just a few moments away from the Barnes Foundation. I shot it with my Nikon D5, My Nikkor 105mm F1.4E ED lens, and it was one of my favorite images from this Barnes Foundation Wedding.

Location: 2025 Benjamin Franklin Parkway, Philadelphia, 19130 .