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Cescaphe Event Group Wedding

This is one of my all time favorite images. There was something so special about these people. They are the grandparents of a groom from a Cescaphe Event Group weddng. I made this photo during the family photo portrait session. I escorted the grandparents over to this bench after I photographed them with their families. I glanced back at them a few times and couldn’t help notice how amazing their interaction was with one another. I excused myself from the family session to make a few frames of them without their knowledge. This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite wedding photos in Philadelphia that I've ever captured. It was taken near the Second Bank of the United States on the grounds of Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia. Wedding photos in Washington Square Park are great to do because the light is probably the best in the city. Wedding photos by the Second Bank of the United States, and wedding photos all around Independence National Historical Park truly stand out because of the incredible mix of compositional scenarios. In order to shoot in this location, you'll need to acquire a permit from the Independence National Historical Park Commission. Use this link, and you can download the form to submit. Some minor fees are associated with the permit, however, it's well worth it. I have found that we're usually asked for a permit when we don't have one!

Before my wedding photography career, I was a photojournalist with the Philadelphia Inquirer for 15 years. In 1998, I entered the wonderful, wacky world of weddings, and I haven't really looked back. Some may believe that wedding photography would be an easy transition after a career in photojournalism. Contrary to that belief, it took some time to adjust. Rather than a goal of just telling a story with an interesting image, my new goal as a wedding photographer was multifaceted. I needed to become a better photographer, not just a photojournalist. I had to become proficient in all areas of the craft- not just photojournalism. I had to learn to make the bride look beautiful, how to make everyone look their best, and still be able to make visually interesting, compelling images that told a story. When it comes to capturing these moments during the wedding day, nobody will ever outwork me. I pride myself on that. As a wedding photographer today, I do my best to manipulate the scene as little as possible. I may help the light along in a given situation, but I still prefer to allow things to occur organically. I think brides prefer it that way as well. The energy I give for each and every event is spent on anticipating, and reacting to real moments in time. I'd rather wait for the moment, than to make the moment. Every once in a while, however, a gift is given to us right before our eyes. This image was such a gift. It may not be a stand out image for some, but I really do like it. It hit me square in the face while I was anticipating the beginning of the wedding at the Cescaphe Event Group. Capturing images like these keep me motivated to continue my pursuit of moments at every event.