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Cliff Mautner Photography

Fonthill Castle weddings

Here's a lovely photo I made toward the end of this wedding at the incredible Fonthill Museum. The front of the mansion is lit perfectly in the evening, so I knew I wanted to create something dramatic for this couple. They chose to have their wedding at Fonthill for the architecture, so it was fitting to give this image to them. If you're interested in having your wedding at Fonthill Castle, Jeffery Miller Catering is the exclusive caterer and did a terrific job there. The tent they use for the reception is nicer than most tents I've worked in, and it was spacious enough to where I didn't feel cramped amongst the guests. I really enjoyed photographing around the grounds, and they also allowed us inside the castle for photography, as well. Pretty cool space!!

Location: 84 S Pine St, Doylestown, PA 18901.

1/5; f/4.0; ISO 1250; 22.5 mm.