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Grounds for Sculpture Weddings

When I look at this image of Alicia and Rick drenched in beautiful, warm sunlight, taken with beautiful sunshine on the day of a Grounds For Sculpture wedding. I really do like this quiet moment between this fantastic couple. Wedding photos at Grounds For Sculpture are so fun to do because there are so many places to shoot on the Grounds For Sculpture property. Some of the coolest artwork juxtaposed with our couple makes for great Grounds For Sculpture wedding photos also. Wedding ceremonies at Grounds for sculpture are held in various locations around the property, and they’re all unique and gorgeous for wedding photos. The reception was held at Rat’s restaurant, which is generally where cocktails and dinner are served for Grounds For Sculpture wedding receptions. They’re food is spectacular, and I’d absolutely eat there even if I weren't working. I can’t wait to try this restaurant. With regard to this image, I specifically like the body language of both our bride and our groom, and the chemistry they display is something I’ll always remember. They were so incredibly good together, and they were one of the easiest couples to photograph in my career, and they’re certainly the perfect couple to make Grounds For Sculpture wedding photographs because of how much effort they put into the photo session on their wedding day. This wedding is on my blog, and if you just google cliff mautner and grounds for sculpture, you’ll find this!.Nikon D3s, Nikkor 70-200mm VRII, 160th @ 2.8 @ ISO 200. Aperture Priority, exposure comp -1.7