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Ketubah SIgning Photos

"Take a look at what you're looking at" In 2004, I attended my first WPPI convention in Vegas. It was also the first time I had the opportunity to listen to Jay Maisel give a seminar. Jay is an icon. He's one of the most creative, successful photographers of all time. I've always admired his work, and I enjoyed listening to him immensely. Most of all, I admire his vision- the way he sees pictures. In passing, during his seminar, he said just "take a look at what you're looking at". I literally did a double take. What a profound thing for a photographer to hear. My interpretation of that quote was clear... look beneath the surface of how you view a particular scene. There could be something wonderful beyond what meets the eye. Now, I'm fortunate enough to have met Jay on several occasions thanks to Scott Kelby and the seminars I've given at Photoshopworld, as well as other conferences we've both taught at. I mentioned the quote to Jay and he has no recollection whatsoever that he said that! I thought that was hilarious, because I've been inspired by that quote for the past 7 years! In any case, it's a reminder that there could be a wonderful image right in front of us- we just have to see it. If we don't see it, how can we capture it? Jay continues to inspire me, and if you head over to Kelby Training, you can spend a day with Jay online! Just do it. I promise you'll be inspired. . .This image was shot during a Ketubah signing at a Jewish Ceremony at Holly Hedge Estate. I love this venue so much. There are so many different rustic envionments to shoot in. I constantly stalk a scene for moments, composition, and just something beyond the obvious. Before they actually signed, I took a second look a a reflection I noticed from the protective covering of the document. It made an otherwise ordinary image of everyone standing around a bit more interesting... at least I think so.... When I shoot images like this, I do give credit to Jay, and I honestly try and look beyond the obvious. It was a great lesson in how to "see". . .Nikon D3S, Nikkor 24-70 G, ISO 3200, 1/60th @ F-2.8