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Cliff Mautner Photography

Kimmel Center Wedding Photography

Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the Garces Events staff at Kimmel Center Weddings, and I find them to provide everyone with the best experience possible. Whether it’s the Kimmel Center brides, or the Kimmel Center florists, they make it easy on everyone involved. Capturing our brides and grooms for Kimmel Center Wedding photos is really a pleasure because it’s architecture and it’s overall "cool factor" allows us to produce unique images. The Kimmel Center is only a few short blocks from Philadelphia City Hall, and the balcony at the Kimmel Center is the perfect spot for a nighttime photo of Philadelphia City Hall later on in the evening without taking too much time from the wedding reception at the Kimmel Center. When it’s time for the wedding ceremony at the Kimmel Center begins, there is usually some incredibly light pouring in from the west that basks the bride and groom with sensational, warm light as the sun is setting. Generally, the receptions at the Kimmel Center are held in the Hamilton Garden which is on the top floors of the Kimmel Center. This amazing wedding at the Kimmel Center was held on the main concourse next to Verizon Hall. The phenomenal talents at Evantine Design created a spectacular environment for this wedding and the results of their efforts enabled me to capture stunning wedding photos at the Kimmel Center for this event. The lighting was so good here in this image, I didn’t even need a flash. I captured this couple with available light, only, and that’s why it has that organic feel to it.