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Cliff Mautner Photography

Liberty House Weddings

If it’s not the most recognizable views in the world, it’s certainly one of them. The New York City skyline taken from the vantage point here at the Liberty House Restaurant wedding venue. it’s an incredible backdrop for any New York City area wedding. I think this image has even more impact because of the time of day it was taken. We waited until dusk, which was the perfect time for a night shot of the Manhattan skyline. The clouds were low in the sky, and they added a cool dimension to the image. We took a stroll around the grounds, and we made several images using different portions of the city as a backdrop. My intent was to make it appear as though the light illuminating the bride and groom was originating from the street lamp, but it was a flash triggered from behind the subject that was the main light source. It’s hard not to make beautiful, dramatic wedding photos with the skyline, and weddings The Liberty House Restaurant gives me the chance to approach these photographs at various times of the day. This is just one of many images during the day. There is a potpourri of photo opportunity all around this venue, and when we take wedding photos on the grounds of Liberty State Park, we can take advantage of the breathtaking view of the city from different angles. There is also a great old train station next to the Nine-Eleven monument a seconds from the venue. It’s a superb area to shoot a wedding and I look forward to each time I have a wedding there.