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Cliff Mautner Photography

Please Touch Museum Carousel

The Carousel at the Please Touch Museum is an image that many brides and grooms really love to include on their wedding day. Most of the weddings at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park have a wonderful feel. It sits within the enormous Fairmount Park, which is the largest city park in the United States. The Please Touch Museum was once called Memorial Hall. It was originally used for the first major world’s fair in the beginning of the 20th century. I’ve had the pleasure of shooting many Please Touch Museum weddings, and I particularly enjoy shooting my couples out behind the museum. There is so much beautiful light coming from the west, and because it’s within Fairmount Park, the sun isn’t blocked by buildings, and it drenches the area behind the museum in gorgeous, golden light. The Carousel at the Please Touch Museum is an iconic area often associated with the building. In this image, I tried to allow the movement of the carousel to be a prominent element in the image. I was able to slow the shutter down to allow the blur of the motion. The process was simple. I had my assistant to my left with a Nikon SB-910 that was triggered by a Photix Odin II radio Transmitter. I balanced the ambient light and the speed light. My shutter speed was probably around 1/15th to allow for the motion blur. I wanted to make sure that my client received the most interesting image possible. Whenever I shoot a wedding at the Please Touch Museum, I’ll try and also take my clients outside at night for a night shot as well. It makes for some great photos.