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Cliff Mautner Photography

Wanamaker Organ Wedding Photos

I’ve had the privilege of documenting around 1200 weddings. The various locations I’ve experienced have been vast, and varied, for sure. Another first came thanks to these two grooms, Nick and Carl, who got married next to the Wanamaker Grand Court Organ— the largest working pipe organ in the world. Nick oversees the repairs, maintenance, and the juju of this magnificent monstrosity. They took us through the guts of the pipe organ, and I felt like I was walking through the set of Hugo. It was a remarkably interesting experience, and I was able to make a few portraits of them while delicately maneuvering my way through the 28,750 pipes, terrified I might tap or damage one with my gear. Huge thanks to Finley Catering and the folks at the Crystal Tea Room who always do a great job.

Location: Wanamaker Building, 100 E Penn Sq. Philadelphia, PA 19107.

1/160; f/4.0; ISO 1600; 16.5 mm.