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Cliff Mautner Photography

Weddings at The Grand Historic Venue

In years past, I haven’t yet had the pleasure of shooting any weddings at the Grand in Baltimore. This was my first, and hopefully not my last wedding at the Grand Historic Venue. This place has everything, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that it’s the most incredible indoor space I’ve ever had the opportunity to work in. The light seemed to pour through every window when I asked for it. It was 97 degrees outside, yet there was no need to go outdoors when the interior of the building lent itself to truly incredible imagery. The library, the Oriental room, the board room, and so many other spectacular areas allowed me to sink my teeth into producing images that I’m extremely proud of. I can only hope to have the chance to work there again soon. The venue is now called "The Grand", and it was formerly "The Grand Historic Venue". I think the name is appropriate because all of the elements the made up this building were truly grand. This image was captured with my Nikon D5, my Nikkor 24-70mm lens, and it was shot at ISO 250 1/160th @ F3.5. Meredith and Brad had a lovely, elegant wedding there. This is also a building where they film various scenes of "House Of Cards" staring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright viewed on Netflix.