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Candlelight Wedding at Front and Palmer

Each time I've had the chance to photograph a wedding at Front and Palmer, I've been able to create something new and different. The venue, a sensational, rustic loft in a not-so nice area of Philadelphia, does a wonderful job of providing an excellent experience for their wedding clients.

The food is sensational. The exclusive caterer, Feast Your Eyes catering, is one of the very best I've worked with. The food, service, and creativity of the menu is off the hook. The ballroom has incredible hard wood floors and exposed brick all around. It's a very industrial feel that is enhanced by very simple decor and lighting.

For this photograph, I created a scene where my couple simply stood by a table in the ballroom. I was photographing an ad campaign for the new Nikon Z 9 camera, and I wanted to test the autofocus in low light situations. Using only candlelight, the camera locked focus upon the eyes of the bride. I did my best to use the ambiance created by the decorator, Papertini, and the rest was easy.

If you'd like to learn more about having your wedding at Front and Palmer, just use one of the links I've provided above in this caption.

Location: 1750 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122.

1/80; f/1.4; ISO 160; 105.0 mm.