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Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Photos

I remember this moment well. It was during the bridal preparation process before a wedding at Tendenza in Philadelphia. Tendenza is one of the many venues run by the Cescaphe event group in Philadelphia. Tendenza weddings have a very unique feel to them, and they tend to be more intimate than the other venues in the Cescaphe event group.

The little flower girl and the little ring bearer were absolutely adorable. They have a wonderful banter between them, and they seem to have earned much of my attention from my photographic standpoint. Every time I turned around they were doing something very funny. The flower girl seemed very upset with the ringbearer in this photograph. I don't recall what they were discussing, but I believe it had to do with their respective duties during the wedding ceremony which was going to take place at St. Monica's church in South Philadelphia.

After the ceremony, we went over to Washington Square Park—which is part of Independence National Historical Park—for the family and wedding party photographs.

It was fun to watch these kids interact during the ceremony as well as at the reception later on in the evening. If you were thinking about having a flower girl or a ring bearer, keep in mind that photos of kids at weddings always make for some great moments. These two kids were no different. I had a great time capturing moments between them.

Location: 969 N. 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123.

1/3200; f/1.4; ISO 4000; 85.0 mm.