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Glen Foerd Wedding

Each Glen Foerd wedding I’ve done has been a treat. It’s a visual potpourri, and creating images for Glen Foerd wedding clients is a blast every time. The Glen Foerd Estate itself sits along the Delaware River in Northeast Philadelphia. It has a breathtaking view that overlooks the river, and later in the day the light hits that area of the river that makes the entire area glow.

The estate itself is mired in history. The banks of Northeast Philadelphia were home to some of the most prominent families in American history. Many of them built these grand estates there. The last family to live there was the Foerderer family. They left there in 1971. These days, it's home to various community and social events. This image, taken during a wedding ceremony at Glen Foerd, was created an area on the side of the mansion. The Delaware RiverTo learn more about having your wedding there, contact the Jamie Hollander catering group at or If I were having a wedding, I’d surly consider The Glen Foerd mansion at the top of my list.

Location: 5001 GRANT AVE, PHILADELPHIA, PA, 19114.

1/800; f/4.5; ISO 1000; 102.0 mm.