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Glen Foerd wedding portraits

Bride poses in the sunlight on the porch at Glen Foerd Mansion, set on the Delaware River. This image was taken for a promotional campaign for the Nikon Z 9 camera, and illustrates the eye focus tracking feature that worked effortlessly, even through her veil. Weddings at Glen Foerd provide me with incredible scenarios each time I've worked there. It's really a treat to have had access to this venue for the campaign, and every Glen Foerd wedding makes me appreciate this historic site more and more.

If you're looking for a venue that's the antithesis of a catering hall, contact the Jamie Hollender Catering group- the exclusive caterer for Glen Foerd weddings.

Location: 5001 Grant Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19114.

1/1250; f/5.0; ISO 320; 260.0 mm.