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Greystone Hall Wedding Photos

By far, one of my very favorite venues I’ve every had the privilege of shooting at was Greystone Hall in West Chester, PA. The architecture, the grounds, the light that pours onto this gorgeous venue make it an ideal location for a wedding.

As a photographer, one of the most important elements that I look for in a venue is a diversity of backdrops. Greystone Hall truly provides me with a classic but dramatic mixture of spectacular areas to shoot in. The mansion itself is a gorgeous stone building, once a residence, but now turned into a venue. The vast, beautifully manicured grounds, provide a setting that is truly unique. It is hard to imagine a more classically beautiful place for a wedding than Greystone Hall.

This image was made after the wedding at Greystone Hall. We took a long walk around the vast acreage and found some spectacular places to shoot. I used my Nikon D4 and my Nikkor 70-20mm F2.8 lens and made sure the sun was behind the bride. I exposed for her face, and juxtaposed the highlight from the sun against the dark trees behind her.

I love her body language in this photograph. It really says so much about who she is. I had such a great time working with this bride and groom, and the entire staff who worked on this Greystone Hall wedding were incredibly easy to work with. I really do look forward to the next time I have the privilege of working there. I’m hoping to be able to shoot there as much as possible!

1/400; f/4.0; ISO 250; 170.0 mm.