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James Burden Mansion Weddings

I was recently privileged to shoot my first James Burden Mansion wedding in Manhattan. This incredible building is one of the finest Beaux Art Houses in New York City. It was commissioned in 1901 when James Burden, a steel manufacturer, married the daughter of magnate William Sloane. Its incredibly majestic, spiral staircase is the centerpiece of the mansion. The ceiling at the top of the staircase shows a mural by Hector d’Espouy that surrounds a Tiffany stand glass skylight.

One of my favorite elements of the mansion is that it is connected to the Otto Kahn Mansion, and we’re able to utilize the incredible terrace area that overlooks Central Park. The James Burden Mansion is home to the Sacred Heart upper and lower middle schools and does many weddings throughout the year. Weddings at the James Burden Mansion have a unique flow to them. The rooms aren’t huge, and there is an intimacy that isn’t prevalent in large ballrooms. I truly enjoyed shooting at this venue, and hope to do so again, soon.

This image, taken on the terrace of the Otto Kahn Mansion, depicts the flower girls from this wedding sharing a few secrets before they’re about the walk down the aisle for Liz and Steven’s wedding. It was taken with a Nikon Z7 and the Z Nikkor 35mm F1.8S lens.

Location: 3-7 E 91st St, New York, NY 10128.

1/125; f/2.0; ISO 200; 35.0 mm.