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Philadelphia Wedding Silhouette Photographs

If you’re looking for a Philadelphia wedding photographer, I hope you’ve found this page. I’ve been shooting weddings for decades, and Philadelphia weddings, in particular, are my focus, pun intended. There are so many incredible photographic opportunities for wedding photography in Philadelphia.

I’ve spent hours of my free time driving around the city to develop new and different scenarios for my clients. This image, taken in the Lemon Hill section of Philadelphia, is right off Kelly Drive, near the Water Works. The hills, trees, and the light are magnificent components that allow me to create stunning portraiture for my clients for both wedding and portrait photography. I captured this image with Nikon's new D780 camera. It was an assignment for Nikon to promote the camera.

As a Nikon Ambassador, part of my responsibility is to create imagery that represents the brand. It’s my proudest achievement in my career, and I’m continuously looking for new and different ways to inspire people to trust the Nikon brand.

This silhouette was taken with a Nikkor 24-70 F2.8E ED lens on the D780 late in the day, which allowed me to capture this amazing light in the scene.

Location: Lemon Hill Gazebo, Philadelphia, PA 19130.

1/2500; f/8.0; ISO 125; 70.0 mm.