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Rockleigh Country Club Weddings

Poonam and Michael put on the most beautiful event at The Rockleigh. While there are many moving parts to Indian weddings, the Rockleigh staff ran this event flawlessly. The day included a Barat, a Hindu ceremony, a western ceremony, and of course, the reception.

It was a 16 hour day, but it flew by like it was nothing. Poonam changed gowns 3 times, not atypical for an Indian bride, which means I could photograph several different portrait sessions with the couple. Rockleigh Country Club has an incredibly diverse selection of portraiture locations, and we were lucky to have perfect weather. This allowed me to capture a variety of images in a multitude of settings.

I photographed this image from above, at a wide aperture, so that only the bride's face is in focus and her sari becomes a colorful backdrop to this beautiful portrait of an Indian bride.

Location: 26 Paris Ave. Rockleigh, NJ 07647.

1/200; f/1.4; ISO 1600; 105.0 mm.