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Holly Hedge Estate Wedding Photography

One of the things I enjoy most about wedding photography is the portrait session of our bride and groom. I do my best not to have a formula or a recipe. I simply put the couple in the best light and have them interact as naturally as possible.

Here, at Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope PA, Allesandra and Brian did their wedding portraits before the ceremony. It was approximately 1:30 PM, and while many may not like shooting this time of day, I just love the texture it provides me. This is one of those images that just has an organic feel to it. It looks real because it IS real. I simply had them take a walk in this gorgeous field of tall grasses.

This photograph was taken moments after they did their "first look" at Holly Hedge. We spent a few minutes shooting the bridal portraits, and then the bridal party came along for the ride. The goal is to provide them with the most beautiful images possible in the fastest period of time in order to make sure we capture everything we need before the wedding ceremony.

This is one of my favorite couples' portraits. I love their body language, and I love the light coming from behind them. This image has also been used by the Nikon Corporation in print ads as well as for online purposes.

Location: 6987 Upper York Rd, New Hope, PA 18938.

1/1000; f/4.0; ISO 200; 155.0 mm.