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Horticulture Center Weddings

Weddings at the Horticulture Center provide me with endless possibilities for photographs. The Fairmount Park Horticulture Center weddings that I’ve documented have all been terrific experiences, and the beauty of the natural environment is a gorgeous backdrop for any wedding or event. During a Horticulture Center wedding, I can also take my clients to the nearby Japanese House and Garden, which is only a few steps away from the venue.

From the beauty of the greenhouse to the rustic nature of the building’s environment, a decorator could create a spectacular ambiance for a multitude of weddings. Fairmount Park weddings have a lovely city-like feel, but with gorgeous, lush greenery and color. Fairmount Park, the largest city park in the United States, is home to me, with some breathtaking scenarios for me to shoot in.

This image, captured at their spring wedding at the Horticulture Center, was taken later on in the evening, just after the cake was cut. They wanted a few fun wedding photos that captured the feel of their event. The goal of this image was to capture the lights on the trees and balance those lights with my off-camera speed light.

This was the first wedding where I utilized my new Nikon D5 DSLR. The high ISO performance allowed me to shoot this image at ISO 200 to obtain an exposure value that would allow me to keep the lights on the trees balances with the light from the speed light that my assistant is holding in the background.

Most of all, aside from the technical mumbo jumbo, I love this couple and all they represent. They are one of my favorite couples, and I can’t wait to share their images with them!

Location: 100 N Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19131.

1/30; f/4.5; ISO 2000; 85.0 mm.