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One Atlantic Weddings

Weddings at One Atlantic in Atlantic City provide the ultimate Jersey Shore experience, without the sleaze of Snooki! The gorgeous beach at sunset, the bustle of the boardwalk, and the setting of a reception venue smack in the middle of the water all give a terrific ambiance for a wedding. One Atlantic literally sits at the end of a pier, and it’s as if we’re out in the middle of the ocean.

One Atlantic has the very best view of the Atlantic City Skyline, and there is a serenity there unlike any other venue in Southern New Jersey. Wedding photos at One Atlantic can be as eclectic as the couples themselves. Different times of year provide me with different scenarios to shoot in. I’ve done winter weddings that had a wonderful deserted feel to the boardwalk, and, of course, summer weddings at One Atlantic are incredibly romantic as the ceremony unfolds over the water as the sun is setting to the west.

One of my favorite elements is the balcony level, where this image was taken. Later on in the reception, Adam, Rebecca, and I took a few moments to make a few portraits that had the Atlantic City skyline as a backdrop. I used my Nikkor 24-70mm lens on my D3S, and my assistant hit them with a speedlite from behind them for separation and a touch of dramatic light.

One Atlantic definitely allows brides and grooms to have the best of the beach, yet the ballroom has an elegant feel to it as well. I really enjoy the cocktail hour, because the view of the ocean is really unlike anything I’ve seen at a wedding.

Location: 1 Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic City, NJ 08401.

1/40; f/2.8; ISO 1600; 90.0 mm.