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One North Broad Wedding

One North Broad weddings provide settings that are themed after various styles of ancient architecture. It’s actually the address of the Masonic Temple, one of the most magnificent structures I’ve ever had the privilege to set my eyes on.

Weddings at One North Broad can be intimate, large, or anywhere in between when you take the variety of rooms into account. From the Grand Staircase, incredible stained glass, enormous ballroom, breathtaking foyers, and simply the overall historical ambiance, One North Broad is one of the most unique wedding venues in the Philadelphia region, not just the city. From a historical perspective, it’s been deemed a National Historic Landmark, and its location—directly across from Philadelphia City Hall—makes it geographically desirable.

The Temple was designed in a medieval “Norman” style by James H. Windrim, and he won a design competition with it. The building’s construction was completed in 1873, and the interior design began in 1887 and was completed in 1902. The museum inside the Masonic Temple at One North Broad houses thousands of artifacts and texts that show the Fraternity’s history in the region.

Located at the corner of Broad and Filbert Streets, One North Broad is considered to be one of the greatest architectural wonders of Philadelphia. One look inside this place is enough to make one’s jaw drop. It’s hard to imagine what it’d take to build something like this, today. If you’re thinking about a wedding at One North Broad, you can visit and learn more. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot there, and hope to do so on many, many more occasions.

Location: One N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19107.

1/100; f/3.5; ISO 1600; 24.0 mm.