Couples in love. That’s what we do, right? Gabby and Michael are in love. Very much so. I saw it in every move they made. It’s our job to capture this love, and capture it without making our couples who we want them to be, or how we want them to be. If you’re at all familiar with my work, you’ll know that what turns me on is light. What also turns me on are moments. Beautiful light, accompanied by a beautiful moment makes a powerful image.

Gabby and Michael weren’t told to act a certain way. They weren’t told to jump in the air, or do anything trite or staged. I simply put them in the best lighting scenario, and the strongest compositional situation, and the rest is up to them. That’s how I try and work with all of my couples. Light, gesture, emotion= a beautiful image.

Sebastiao Selgado once said “It’s not the photographer who makes the picture, but the person being photographed”. I couldn’t agree more. Let me control the light, and let the couples control themselves. I never told Michael to “kiss her hand”. That’s not what I do. The moment looks real, because it is, thanks to Michael and Gabby.