Sorry for the delay in posting, but I just returned from Imaging USA where I spoke for Nikon USA at their tradeshow booth, and also gave the keynote address for the Digital Wedding Forum Convention as well. So, I suppose I should change the image of the week to “the image when I can get around to blogging”. In any case, this wedding was held at the gorgeous Oheka Castle in Long Island NY. It’s one of my favorite bridal suites anywhere. In the past, I’ve made a few really nice images in this room. However, the last time I was there, it was raining. On this day, I began the getting ready process with the bride at around 2:30. The room is beautiful whether it’s got great light coming in or not. However, I noticed that if I could still be in that room for just another half hour or so, i’d be able to use the most glorious direct sunlight filtering in through the large window behind the bride.

I’ve often talked about taking what is given to us. I also talk about using the time we’re given by our brides wisely. Now, I wanted to get Casey, my fantastic bride in this photo, outside to see her groom asap, but I was also thrilled that things took a bit longer- as they always do. The sun drenched the room, and the rest was easy. I just took what was given to me, and I was able to work this situation a bit. It was a simple matter of waiting for the perfect lighting. Most of the time, I can’t wait. I can’t afford to delay anything for fear that things will back up. In this instance, the schedule ran late, and I was able to use this amazing light to my advantage. So, if it’s only a matter of waiting a few minutes- as it was here- go ahead and wait if it’s going to yield results that make the delay worth while!

D3S 35mm 1.4G, 1/320th @ F2.0