{Elizabeth + Nicole}

Onteora Mountain House, Boiceville, New York.

It’s taken for granted by so many that when they grow up, they can get married and that’s that. No red tape, no government majority indicating if it’s legal or not, no having to argue the validity of your union. It takes courage and perseverance, in the very least, to not only live genuinely but to then have to wait years in order to have the wedding of your dreams.

New York state legalized same sex marriage in 2011, making this day even more poignant for this couple, though the United States as a whole would not recognize their marriage until 2015. The fact that two people could not solidify their union based on sexual orientation is still baffling. Understandably, emotions ran high (in a good way!) on this particular day.

The bride admires her dress before the first look.
The jubilant bride with her family on the wedding day.
A bridesmaid helps the bride with a few tweaks while she finishes getting ready.
A sweet kiss for the bride from the flower girl.

It may sound cliché, but it’s blaringly obvious when two people love each other so deeply. This is one of those times.

The first look: REVEALED!
Joy between brides at their first look.
An affectionate moment between brides before the ceremony starts.

These are the junctures in life that mean so much and that make us feel so privileged to be witness to and artfully capture. A traditional Jewish Ketubah signing encapsulated the initial part of the wedding day and the importance of this day exemplified.

The brides clasp hands during the traditional Jewish Ketubah signing.
The bride walks down the aisle flanked by family.
The bride with her parents upon seeing her soon to be wife.
Honoring the bride’s Jamaican heritage after the vows are exchanged.
Wife and Wife!
The first kiss between wives on their wedding day.
A few quiet moments between brides after the wedding ceremony.
Breathtaking New York mountain skyline with brides in the foreground.
Reflections between brides on their wedding day, a day they’ve waited far too long for!

Love is love. It’s legitimacy is not determined by sex, race or creed. Love should be celebrated more often and much less impeded upon by those who don’t like the mold it’s cast from. Especially in these trying times, love needs to be celebrated.

We hope everyone has continued to stay safe and healthy!

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