It’s always an honor when Nikon asks me to take part in an advertorial. As a Nikon Ambassador to the United States, I love when I’m able to share my images to represent the Nikon brand. After 30+ years in photography, I still get a rush when I see my work in publications I enjoy. The advertorial was meant to touch upon lenses. I probably take more lenses to a wedding than most other photographers. I usually use all eight lenses in my bag at each and every wedding. Along with light, and our own unique vision, lens selection is a key to enhancing creativity, as well as composing the images we make. So, when the Nikon advertorial’s focus(pun intended) was on lens selection, I thought it was a good opportunity to explain why I take so much glass to a wedding.

If you’d like to read the advertorial, The link to that, as well as Rangefinder Magazine’s online version is ADVERTORIAL