“Red is the first color of Spring. It’s the real color of rebirth. Of beginning.” – Andie Condie

Red is a color so prominent, so vital in our lives. On any given day, it tells us to stop, serves as a warning, becomes the mainstay color of several holidays and is literally the lifeblood of what runs through our veins. It’s a bold, unwavering hue that commands your attention and signifies the upmost importance in many cultures throughout the world. In Indian culture, red symbolizes the love of the couple and their commitment to one another. The bride is typically adorned in red to represent prosperity in her new life with her husband. I’ve always been fascinated with the intricacies of every culture and religion, especially when color becomes the centerpiece of an event. From the ruby red jewelry box of the bride, to the merlot velvet hue of the groom’s shoes, the vibrancy of Priya and Ankur’s wedding was sumptuous. Even the streets of Cleveland were saturated in a kaleidoscope of color, featuring green, orange, purple and of course, red.

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