Ah, the wonderful world of self promotion. In all honesty, i hate it. I’m not good at it. I don’t like to scream from the mountain tops “Dig Me”. Sure, I use facebook, twitter, and some whatever social media I absolutely have to use, but when I receive an accolade, I don’t really do what I should when it comes to letting people know. I know what you’re thinking. Where is the “BUT”, Cliff? You’re right. However, it’s not every day I receive a global award at the United Nations. The International Photographic Council, a Non Governmental Organization recognized by the United Nations, gave me and 7 others around the world the Leadership Award. I received the award on behalf of Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.

Nominated by various professional organizations, the awards recognize those who best represent that organization’s criteria and ideals. It was truly a phenomenal honor that I’ll be proud of for quite some time. A huge thanks to Lauren Wendle of PDN and WPPI, Andy Marcus of Fred Marcus Photography who was the luncheon chair and Keynote Speaker, and also James Chung, Kathy Schneider, Alice Miller, and Kathy Magrane who are board members of IPC. Thank you for this amazing honor.

I also want to thank Nikon USA for support of this event, and for their friendship throughout my entire career.




L-R, My wife, Susan Stripling Mautner, my dear friend Mike Corrado from Nikon USA, Me, Lauren Wendle from PDN and WPPI, and Andy Marcus of Fred Marcus Photography and Keynote Speaker at the IPC event.


L-R,TOP- Anthony Nex from the American Photographic Artists, Don Dickson from Professional Photographers of America, Me, Charles Dharapak from the White House News Photographers Association, Neil Warner from the Federation of European Photographers, John Rak from the Professional School Photographer’s Association, Shawn Henry from the American Society of Media Photographers,
Bottom L-R, Andy Marcus- Keynote Speaker, Kathy Jello from IPC, James Chung from IPC, and Michelle McLoughlin from The National Press Photographers Association.