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Ashford Estate

Ashford Estate wedding Photos

There's something incredibly comforting about shooting a wedding at Ashford Estate. There are so many wonderful compositional scenarios for wedding photos, and as a photographer who makes light the most important element for a photograph, Ashford Estate provides me with unlimited opportunities because the light comes from so many different directions. There is no question that Ashford Estate is one of the best options for wedding venues in New Jersey.

Each and every time I work there, I'm reminded of what a pleasure it is to shoot. I enjoy photographing the ceremony in the old, rustic barn that becomes the chapel, cocktails in the large solarium, and dinner and dancing in the large reception space.

This image was taken on the wonderfully long, tree-lined road that one must take to enjoy the grounds of the estate. It makes for a great photograph, and the leading lines with the road and the trees collaborate for stunning wedding photographs at Ashford Estate.

After taking this photograph on the road leading into the estate, we took photos of the family and bridal party, and then it was time for the ceremony. I really like the bright expression in this photograph, and their interaction demonstrated the love they had for one another.

Location: 637 Province Line Rd, Allentown, NJ 08501.

1/200; f/4.0; ISO 200; 185.0 mm.