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Please Touch Museum

Please Touch Museum Carousel

The Carousel at the Please Touch Museum is an iconic attribute that many brides and grooms love to include on their wedding day.

In this image, I wanted the movement of the carousel to be a prominent element. I slowed the shutter to capture the motion of the carousel and create the blurring effect.

The process was simple: I had my assistant to my left with a Nikon SB-910 triggered by a Phottix Odin II radio transmitter. I balanced the ambient light and the flash, and set my shutter speed to a low number to allow for the motion blur.

Here is a similar photo I took at a different wedding at the Please Touch Museum:

Please Touch Museum Carousel Wedding Photos

Location: 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA 19131.

1; f/6.3; ISO 50; 24.0 mm.