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300 S. Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102

Kimmel Center weddings provide an extraordinary experience in a space designed for creatives. An enormous structure dedicated to the performing arts, the Kimmel Center sits along Philadelphia’s Avenue of the Arts, just a few short blocks from City Hall, and is home to the prestigious Philadelphia Orchestra. In addition, the Kimmel Center Inc. oversees both the Academy of Music and the Merriam Theater and has been written up as one of the best theaters in the region in this article.

The Kimmel Center, whose namesake is philanthropist Sidney Kimmel, provides four unique venues, each offering stunning views of Philadelphia: The Hamilton Rooftop Gardens, The Perelman Theater, Commonwealth Plaza, and the Academy of Music Ballroom.

Weddings at the Kimmel Center will most certainly pay homage to the long-standing music culture of Philadelphia and send guests looking skyward as they marvel at the expansive space and glass interiors.

Theater lovers rejoice - the 75-foot diameter turntable stage in the Perelman Theater converts for live bands, while the entire first floor of seats reclines into the floor to house up to 250 guests for a seated dinner. Wedding parties will literally be the stars of the show! Couples are sometimes even able to sneak away for a solo photo in the empty theater if it's available.

Located above the Perelman Theater is the Hamilton Rooftop Garden. Considered the most popular among attendees, this glass rooftop atrium boats a 6,200 square foot maple floor, palatial views of the Kimmel Centers glass vaulted dome and is adapted for year-round climate and sound control through the installation of a glass box structure, courtesy of SageGlass. The Hamilton Garden is the space most ceremonies take place for weddings at the Kimmel Center.

When it’s time for the wedding ceremony to begin, there is usually some incredible light pouring in from the west that basks the bride and groom in sensational, warm light as the sun sets.

Commonwealth Plaza is flexible in purpose, fitting for both small and large scale events. The impressive 150 vaulted glass roof also gives spectacular views of Philadelphia’s architecture while seating up to 750 guests. It’s also where most cocktail hours occur after a Kimmel Center wedding in the Hamilton Garden. Guests are ushered down via elevator where they’re treated with phenomenal fare from Garces Events.

The Academy of Music Ballroom emanates the true meaning of elegance and luxury. Most conducive to formal events with its hand-gilded walls, clean lines, and a multitude of chandeliers, which all give a nod to a time of more classic refinement. Having been in use since 1857, this particular venue has hosted many persons of influence, from all over the world. Guests can count themselves as a part of history when in attendance at the Ballroom.

The Kimmel Center has partnered exclusively with Iron Chef and James Beard Award-Winning Jose Garces, who operates Garces Events. In addition, he owns and operates a dozen restaurants and oversees a 40-acre organic farm in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His colorful and inventive dishes are reminiscent of traditional Latin cuisine but with a more contemporary twist. His artfully designed plates range in fare from tapas, paellas to American comfort food, even Japanese. The wide variances will surely satisfy any guest looking to play it safe or dive into the exotic. Chef Garces takes flexibility and variety to a whole new level while maintaining the most time-honored traditions of hospitality.

The balcony on the 2nd floor of the Kimmel Center allows us the opportunity to simply step outside for a bird’s eye view of The Avenue of the Arts, It is also the perfect spot for a nighttime photo of William Penn atop City Hall, without taking too much time from the wedding reception— you don’t even need to leave the building!

To learn more about having your wedding at The Kimmel Center, use this link.

Wedding Portraits at Kimmel Center

Kimmel Center Photographer

Capturing brides and grooms at the Kimmel Center is really a pleasure because the architecture and overall "cool factor" allows us to produce unique images together. If you are interested in photography for your Kimmel Center wedding, reach out today for more information.