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Cliff Mautner Photography

Farm at Eagles Ridge Weddings

The Farm at Eagles Ridge weddings offer a photographer scenarios that I’ve rarely seen in my 20 years of shooting weddings. Normally, a great venue has a few elements that make for some nice images, but The Farm at Eagles Ridge in Lancaster offer near perfect element for every aspect of the day. From the wedding prep location, to the ceremony area, and then onto the reception space, this location has it all for the visual artist, and the bride who is looking for something sensational.

Weddings at the Farm at Eagles Ridge provide a unique experience that cannot be found at other venues that “try” to be rustic and “farmlike”. They’re authentic 1820 barn and corn crib provide an real sense of countryside elements to the day, and the spring fed ponds, breathtaking views, and amazing sunsets add to the ambience. The farm was purchased by a family in 1999, and they preserved the farmland so it couldn’t be developed.

I’ve shot many barn weddings, but they did a particularly great job in styling this barn where the reception takes place. The lighting, which is essential, was flawless. Genuine tungsten filaments as opposed to LED lighting, allowed the warmth to flow throughout the space. The bride and groom sit below a lovely framed lighting set up that is truly unique, and visually stunning.

This image, a light painting, was taken during a very quick respite from the reception craziness. The couple wanted something unique at night, and I believe I gave them just that. It’s a 30 second time exposure where I literally “painted” the light where I felt it needed to go. I used my Nikon D850, my Nikkor 24-120 F4 G lens, a small pen light, and a Light and Motion Stella continuous light source for the painting. I truly hope I have the chance to capture another wedding soon at the Farm at Eagles Ridge.

Location: 465 Long Ln, Lancaster, PA 17603.