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Haddonfield Headshot Photographer

Philadelphia and South Jersey Business Portraits

Are you looking for an updated photo for your company website, social media, LinkedIn, applications, or marketing? Come to my studio in Haddonfield, NJ—just a few minutes over the Ben Franklin Bridge from Philadelphia—and pose for a short business portrait session.

For larger companies, I am happy to accommodate any corporate requirements on backdrops, lighting, cropping, and image sizing.

For individuals, choose from various backdrops or an exposed brick wall, or schedule your headshot session on-location in Philadelphia or South Jersey.

Who Needs a Headshot?

As we continue in the digital age, more importance is placed on your professional online appearance. Seeing the image of who you are working with builds trust from clients and feels more personal. Years ago, only CEOs needed headshots, but now, everyone should have one.

  • Small Business Owners
  • Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Professionals
  • Dentists
  • Therapists
  • Lawyers / Law Offices
  • Realtors
  • IT and Tech Consultants
  • Actors, Dancers, and Performers
  • Online Dating Profiles

Headshot Pricing

For $225, get a half-hour studio session with 10-15 images to choose from and one high-resolution retouched image. Additional high-resolution photos are $50 each.

Images are subtly enhanced to show the best version of you, including teeth whitening, blemish removal, fixing stray hairs, and smoothing skin and fine lines. I am happy to accommodate specific retouching requests; additional charges may apply.

For larger companies that need consistent headshots of their staff or team, I can come to your office or workplace with backdrops and lights and produce a cohesive set of images that match your company’s brand. Please call for pricing.

Ready to elevate your online appearance? Contact me today to schedule your headshot session.