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Layflat Wedding Album Pages

Wedding Album Design

Answers to commonly asked wedding album questions, compiled by my studio manager, Heather, who handles all album designs.

Understandably, everyone is busy these days! We don’t ever want our clients to feel overwhelmed and can quickly remedy that feeling if it occurs. The first step in the album process is favoriting images that you’d like included. Our galleries allow clients to save favorites right online, so the process is seamless. Once your selections are received and we’ve confirmed the album style, relax! The rest is in our hands.
My suggestion is to always include more images than you think you need, otherwise, it can be limiting in terms of the design. Images can always be culled down in the proofing process if deemed unnecessary. The album design process is one of my favorite aspects of my job, so having a larger scope of images to work with only further enables my creative process!
We offer 3 album styles to choose from: Flush, Matted and Combination.
The Flush is the most modern, it being reflective of a magazine-style, while the Matted encompasses a more traditional style. The images in matted albums are physically printed and mounted onto each page, whereas the flush creates panoramics that allow images to flow across the page. Can’t decide? The Combination album is for you! While it is predominately matted, it does include several flush pages to place greater distinction on specific images for that “wow” factor.

Although fairly equally divided, the Flush style has a slight lead. I can always help guide you to a style that works best with your images.

Absolutely! I’m more than happy to predesign albums using images selected at my discretion. It’s honestly a great way to dive into the album process and we can alter any aspect of the layout to suit individual tastes.

When you first receive your gallery, an initial pass of minor retouching will already have been completed, focusing primarily on facial shine, blemishes, flyaway hairs, and teeth whitening. Any images used for print or albums are given another pass of retouching, including any client requests.
While we can accommodate almost all requests, there is an additional fee assessed in cases of major retouching, such as head swaps. We are very understanding of sensitivities as it relates to retouching, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re concerned about anything!

We offer a variety of genuine leathers, non-leathers, fabrics, linens, and silks to choose from. We recently added vegan leathers as well! In addition, two lines of imprinting are included on the cover, and options are available for cover images, spine imprinting, dual cover materials, and even acrylic image covers. These options ensure each album cover will result in a design unique to each client!

Of course! Your album is just that: yours. The electronic link received to review the album proof will also allow clients to include their feedback so that I can design an album that reflects your style, taste, and budget.

Turnaround times vary, especially with events out of our control (hello, pandemic!). We work as expeditiously as possible to ensure you receive your products in a timely fashion.
Under normal circumstances, it may take up to 8 weeks for an album to ship to us. Our production companies create albums by hand and are diligent in maintaining a high level of quality in every album made.
Generally speaking, I would recommend including no more than 5 on a page. The design should be cohesive and flow to illustrate the story of your day.
The initial proof arrives electronically within 2 weeks of image selections or when the go-ahead is given to begin a predesign.
Once designed, layouts will be revised and emailed within a week after feedback is received on our end.

Yes, we would simply need the high-resolution jpeg file from your calligrapher in order to build a custom stamp with our album company.
The process is exactly the same as ordering bridal albums! Its process includes selecting images, proofing layouts, and an album catered specifically to each couple’s parents aesthetic
Most definitely! Our post-production process allows us to convert color & b/w images seamlessly.